Muchas aventuras (in WA!)

Something about running, something about being productive, something about school and being tired. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. 

Rather than returning to Emory for early return training for indoor track, I am still in Washington state with my family and friends. Well, mostly alone since most, if not all of my friends are back at school or working before classes begin again! It’s a weird way to live – sleeping in, staying in late, watching as much Netflix as I want, doing as many crafts as my Hobby Lobby obsession/holiday budget can permit, and fun adventures that I don’t normally have the time to do!

In a few weeks I will be off to Costa Rica for a study abroad program lasting all of the spring semester. I am looking forward to warm weather, being immersed in the Spanish language, the opportunity to make new friends and meet new Ticos (the name for Costa Ricans), as well as all else that I will learn over the next few months. As I’ve had this blog for many years and love the WordPress platform, I’ve made ANOTHER blog to document my experiences, and no worries … even thought the titles are in Spanish, all of the blogs will be in English (or at least Spanglish!). As I’ll be disappearing from this blog for some time, unless the running is increíble, more updated posts will be on :-)

Until next time … here are a few photos of my latest adventures.

  • Being a tourist in my own state! I’ve hardly spent time downtown Seattle, but the chance to spend a few hours near Pike Place, go shopping, and trying not to freeze in this super cold WA winter with my mom was a joy.
  • When you live a 5 minute walk from a small local café, why wouldn’t you go to plan your next vacation(within a vacation), answer emails, and to eat yummy pastries?!
  • Guerrilla Running Community group! I’ve always wanted to run with one of the local running clubs in Olympia, and I recently had the opportunity to! Sure it was cold, I was the youngest there, and did  I mention that it was COLD?! but it was a great opportunity that I am grateful to have had as I am missing my teammates and it’s nice motivation to get out and run.
  • Time on the couch watching Netflix and cuddling with your dog is good for the soul. Trust me on that one.


Until next time,