TAG! You’re it!


To the short(ish) and well-shoed mathematician … most of the time I have no idea what you’re talking about, but iff you weren’t around, I wouldn’t have anyone else to brag about: you speaking 4 languages, your awesome internship and how smart you are, as well as how much more fun you are after actually opening up. Thanks to (one of) my favorite chauffeurs.


To the ingenious quirky and quick scientist … and to that I would add, superhero in disguise? There aren’t enough cute Pinterest crafts I could make for you, funny enough poems I could write, or words to say how much you’ve impacted my life – one of the greatest examples and friends. Now I know how to make cake shaped like a brain and a full dinosaur costume out of Ikea boxes- hooray! Viel Glück.


To the tall dark and handsome guy from church … this one is a bit awkward  (see gif below). Sure thankful for 6 months of shared Birkenstock love, getting to know your quirky sense of humor, and learning from you – pop culture and medical school and all else. Thanks, (almost) Doc.


To the quietly loud teammates with funny GroupMe posts … maybe one or two conversations and now you’re graduating! Oh how 2.5 years has flown by through chanting Rudy, Jakemas festivities (also the Instagram #picturesofjake), and being there to balance out the girl’s team drama. Example A of their shenanigans:


To the other underclassmen who turned into landlords and later became my captains … if you try and Venmo me while I am gone this spring for anything team-related, I won’t pay it. Or if I do it will be in colones. How could I ever forget your examples of leadership and crazy ideas – gracias.


To the most inspiring, hard working, and dedicated soccer player at Emory … you say you’re not a runner, but wandering through the streets of Cleveland and local parks on a run this summer only said more about who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re going (YAY med school). Go Eagles!


To the most beloved and notable part of being at Emory … you make my day while walking through campus whenever I see you. Hopefully we can live together next year somehow, but we’ll see what RHA says. Megan? Gab? Diana? Mom? How do you feel about the greatest gift and never having to say goodbye? *hint hint*


Sure, I’m sentimental (and this is the third or so post in a row like this – sorry), am feeling squishy and a bit overwhelmed with extra time with time off of running during  finals, and also a bit concerned about having watched all 3 seasons on Sherlock in less than a week.


It’s always easier to leave rather than to be left. Even then, there are phone calls, text messages, social media, emails, messenger pigeons, holiday breaks, and planes & trains & automobiles. I always joke about “forcing my friendship” on other people, but sometimes that’s a bit too true. There are so many great people in my life (even if they don’t realize I’ve featured them in a blog post … maybe I was a bit to honest here so please no sharing names? Oops) who are a blessing, a friend, and a joy to know.


Until next time,




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