2 alarms – set 3 minutes apart

3 Ibuprofen for old people feet

1 bottle of water

3 “snoozes”

= 8:30am on a Monday and nowhere to go (until 2pm Spanish)

“How has your semester been?” “What classes are you taking?” “When are you going home?” “How’s it going?” “Did you know _____ was dating ______?”

“I’m having pet-separation anxiety.” “I can’t believe this semester has gone by so quickly!” “I have so much homework and three tests next week.” “Last night I slept for 12 hours and am still going to take a nap because I deserve it.” “I watched Netflix for 3 hours last night and have no regrets.”


4 classes (sort of 5)

6 days/week of practice

0 meal swipes

3 over-expensive Kaldi’s Coffee shops

= busy busy busy on campus

“What do you want to do after you graduate?” “What is your research about?” “When do you go home?” “Will you swipe me into the DUC?”

“It’s pretty much glorified coloring, but I wouldn’t tell my mentor that.” “I haven’t gone to class in 2 weeks or started studying for my test on Monday.” “Today was so nice to take a nap and study.” “The construction has been so loud they are giving us free food for not killing any of the construction workers.”


26 teammates

1 Coacher

4 vans to Kennesaw long run

6 days/week of practice

= college cross country 101

“How many miles do you usually run?” “Anyone going to Lull?” “How far are your races?” “Do you ever run with the guys’ team?” “Oh you compete year round?”

“That’s definitely not my race pace.” “Lifting before a workout is dumb.” “People keep stealing our foam rollers – we need to steal them back.” “It’s only 5:30pm and so dark outside, but at least we don’t have to do ancillary.”


Highlights of today: cheering on my teammates at Nationals, learning about a new sect of Hinduism, submitting a paper for extra credit, spending time with some of my favorite people, wearing squirrel socks, officially memorizing John Mayer’s new song, learning the word “decussation” and being able to describe it


Downsides of today: spilling curry into my scarf, mispronouncing every Guru’s name at the Hindu temple (which I also can’t pronounce the name of), deciding to eat ice cream when it was cold outside, thinking I could read 30 pages of a Psych textbook in one sitting, starting to pack up little things of my apartment, not having photo evidence of my conversation on Twitter with Edward Cheserek


When you take a rest day from running, you end up with a lot of free time at the end of the day – procrastinating folding your laundry while eating dry cereal and rocking out to Spotify ads in Spanish. #qué? Just a little peek into a day in the life of a college student (plus a lot more complaining, procrastination, and gossip). Here’s to more blogging in the future and these last 2.5 weeks of the school year!


Until next time,



Featured in low-quality snapchat (taken while writing this):

said scarf with curry stains and laundry that’s waiting for me to fold

Back to work!




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