“Change” rhymes with “see ya”

I wish I could say that things are different since the last time I posted earlier this summer … it’s still 80 degrees nearly everyday (where the heck is fall at?!), I am still in GA and living within the same 3 mile radius, still listening & dancing along to the same songs on Spotify, and still running/studying/surviving.

*sorry I’m not great at creative introductions – my creative process is a bit rusty after all this “school”/”homework”/”studying” stuff lately*

This semester has been the busiest one so far, but I guess 1/8 isn’t too bad, right? Not to mention the fact that, “No matter what happens this semester election, I’ll be in Costa Rica next spring.” More on that later (maybe), but I am so excited to be studying abroad and exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer – food, host families, research, working on my Spanish, running adventures, and all else in such a beautiful place. :-)

Since this summer though, it doesn’t seem like anything much has changed here in Atlanta, but I know I sure have:

I am now a golfer.

Surprise! I didn’t say I was a good one (or that I hit any of the balls), but having my mom for a personal coach was pretty cool. Top Golf is the way fun – definitely a bucket list item if you like golf (or even if you don’t) – its set-up is similar to bowling … but golf.



14907091_10210867990406044_6140422193381706688_n14606422_10210867990046035_4609000556506491964_nI am now Paul.

Haha! For our conference XC meet we made the boys’ teams signs with their faces on (which made for funny/creepy photos like this!). Our boys and girls’ teams are running SO fast this season – excited for the last couple championship races. Go Eagles! *Go Paul!*

I’m now an aspiring neuroscientist.

Okay, so maybe this one is sort of true? The opportunity to make “brain cake” for a church Halloween party was the highlight of my college career as I’m a Neuroscience/Behavioral Biology major. Those are some pretty good looking gyri and sulci,  if I don’t say so myself.



I’m now a SAAC fanatic.

SAAC = Student Athlete Advisory Committee and after the opportunity to go to a 3-day university conference as a representative of my school and sport, I am SO excited about what student-athletes can do at Emory and making sure we have a voice in athletics. *steps off pedestal*



I’m now a member of the the Emory Sports Hall of Fame.

Okay, so not quite … but I am sharing the photo and spent the night with one of the inductees! The beautiful Sarah Byrd is the first and only person to have won the 3,000m steeplechase for Emory, and after hearing so many stories about her from my Coach, it was an incredible opportunity to meet her. Not to mention she is/was pregnant and still super fit! #goals (Read more here!)



I am now retired.

… for the next 10 months, at least. Since I am studying abroad in the spring, this cross country is my last competitive season of junior year as I will thankfully be missing indoor and outdoor track. I will be missing my teammates, but am looking forward to exploring Costa Rica and summer training for SENIOR year. Pictured: my best friend and one of the ~speediest~ Eagles breaking my old and tired back. Here’s to hoping there are benefits for seniors in our old age though Emory Athletics. ;-)



I am now a squirrel.

The better you know me, the less of a surprise this photo will be. After my roommate woke me up on my birthday wearing this onesie and singing “Happy Birthday,” Halloween seemed like the perfect day to make my transformation, haha! Please note the “I love squirrels” socks.



I am now more proud, happy, and (already) nostalgic about my decision to be at Emory.

My team, as always – no matter who is on it, is my family. Not only the girls I run with everyday, but the friends, support system, church family, and faculty that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know while in Atlanta have blessed my life in so many incredible ways over the past 2 years.  It hasn’t been easy to be here, and things are far from perfect, but this is home.



I’d sure like to think that I am now a bit different than even this summer. That I’ve changed in ways that: I now know how to glue on fake eyelashes, can successfully cook dinner enough to enjoy it and have leftovers for the coming week, balance my church responsibilities and schoolwork through a multi-colored and highlighted planner (with many dog-eared pages and sticky notes), as well as manage to live alone in my apartment and not set off the fire alarm (looking at you, people who set it off when I am in the shower x2). These are all adult-ish things, right? If not, I’m getting there. Here’s to plenty of “I am going to miss you!”s in the next couple months, but also plenty of, “Hi! I’ve missed you!”s. It’s been a long year here in the South. Thanks, Emory. Thanks, everyone.


Until next time,


P.S: Change is and always has been one of the things that I dislike/fear the most. Fortunately, as I move forward and step into a future FULL OF IT, this quote (as cheesy as that might sound), has given me a different perspective. Being so, maybe I should stop making these changes? #lifegoeson

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”


3 thoughts on ““Change” rhymes with “see ya”

  1. Very cool!!!! Thanks for the end of the “year”, end of this chapter, end of the summer highlights. And wow… Costa Rica. Amazing!!!! I wish you well and look forward to stories and updates from abroad, or overseas or from the south. That’s way down there. Hope you already know some Spanish, if not, no time like now to learn. I love “howdy” and I love “see ya”. Enjoy!!!!

    • Thank YOU! Haha I think I will post a few blog updates when I am Costa Rica, but am not sure yet. I am mostly going so that I can improve my Spanish, and am muy emocionada! ;-)

      • I’m sure you’ll have a blast. It will be quite the adventure. Trust me…. you’ll come back speaking Spanish fluently. Best way to learn is to immerse. I would be very excited too!!

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