Because we don’t know eachother

Dear stranger,

Thank you for sharing your cute green mason jar full of ice cold water – it was better than the hose, that’s for sure.


Thank you for dealing with all of this repetition, venting, and rambling.


Thank you for looking out for me and stopping at the bus stop even when I drift off and almost fall asleep in the mornings.


Thank you for saying good morning and good afternoon everyday.


Thank you for sitting next to me and sharing in my love of true crime books and exploring Georgia’s natural wonders.


Than you for being so willing to help – no questions asked, when I was the dripping and miserable girl asking you for water on your doorstep.


Thank you for smiling at me.


Thank you for encouraging me and asking me about my run when you saw me struggling through the last, or first, half mile at 5:45am in the dark.


Thank you for walking with me back to your car and sharing your water bottle – even talking with me about your past as a cyclist letting me drink the melted ice because you knew I needed to be hydrated.


Thank you for letting me get on the bus before you after 15 minutes of waiting at the hot and humid 90 degree bus stop.


Thank you for answering all my questions, disregarding my inexperience, and letting me pick your brain about how you came to work in the position you are now – I truly look up to you.


Sure there’s a lot of bad in the world – especially highlighted on the news and recent events. Fortunately, there’s also a lot of good – sometimes you just have to give people a chance and trust them. To the woman on her porch this afternoon who gave me water during a particularly hot run, my daily bus drivers, law enforcement officers who are involved with some of our cases, receptionists at the front desk at work, strangers on the bus, the woman walking her dog through the park (and also gave me water), the people I don’t know too well and yet they’re reading this blog post, and all the other random people that are around me each and every day …



Here’s to a hitting a physical, emotional, and mental wall this week. Here also is a blog post about feeling and recognizing how thankful I am for those in my life – friends and family and strangers alike – who help me to be better day in and day out.

I really appreciate you.


Until next time,



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