Acronyms and adventure: XT, XC, XO

When I was talking to my “Big” recently, or the gal who was assigned to be my team buddy incoming freshman summer of college cross country, she asked me,

“Did Coach tell you to do that?”

Which made me think … Well first off, and to jump way ahead of this post so far, no he didn’t. Secondly, no he really didn’t say anything about how much I’ve been cross training and please don’t tell him how little I’ve been running because this is the first time I’ve ever not followed the training plan during the off-season *insert wild eyes and nervous laughter.* Thirdly, this question scared me enough that I didn’t respond to her text message for a few days and thought about my response, hoping I wasn’t about to be chastened by one of our fastest alumni, and someone who knew me and inspired me – from school, to home, to the team, and even in my squirrel collection (a story for another blog post). So instead I responded with, “No he didn’t haha I’m not sure how much he knows/checks the online logs but 😅 my goal this week is to run more haha.”

Can we please note that last part of, “my goal this week is to run more”?

What not to do during the summer: the chronicles of a blue-eyed, bus riding, rule breaker … also known as my junior summer, year 2016. Sure I’ve been running, but I’ve also been doing a lot more cross training than I’ve done in the past (excluding the few months of my stress fracture in HS), and honestly? I’ve been having a lot more fun than ever before.

Rather than explain myself and ramble on about how tired undisciplined I am all the time, or how hot and humid and miserable it is in Georgia, or whatever other reasons excuses I can come up with … I’ve compiled a bunch of photos to give you and inside look at these last couple months! Or, if you’re a tease and only clicked on this post to give me a notification (looking at you Mom) without reading it, here is a long post you can scroll through and read the bold captions, and/or just look at the pictures – because how interesting could my life actually be, right?

*WARNING: Snapchat selfies included in this post*


Piedmont Park in incredible! … but I’d advise having bike brakes that actually work while adventuring. It was an interesting 6 miles or so (besides the “getting lost” part).


Clairmont pool is OUTSIDE! I’ve been working on that Washington whiteness! Oh, and that’s a drop of water on my chin FYI (just in case it scared you as much as it did to me after I sent it to my mom before seeing it)!


Have to try a bit harder to come up with a caption for this, but I climbed some stairs (just kidding I took the elevator) to the top of a research building to watch Fourth of July Fireworks. Let’s say I was exercising my eyes on this one … just go with it, haha!


Snapchat game strong. See below for “post-yoga, pre-Beltline-adventure, I’ve-been-awake-since-5:30am” photo.


I’m hardly ever the shortest person in a group, but even then they could touch their toes and I couldn’t! Also, for reference, I’m almost 5’10” – I love tall friends.


*please note this was the beginning of my ride* – pictures do not do my biking abilities justice, and darn WordPress wouldn’t let me add in my cool video!


A big group of friends and I camped in South Georgia, and then hiked around this super neat canyon! Can add and check that off my bucket list – “the Grand Canyon of Georgia.”


Okay so maybe sometimes I run, but this was too good not to add into this post. After this picture I laid on the ground of our locker room for 20 minutes before mustering the energy to walk home. Wild Friday night, let me tell ya. 


I *somehow* survived a total of 7 hours public transportation to travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a day trip and walk around the city with Kevin and his good friend! There was even a triathalon going on the weekend of, and a TON of people being active on the bridge and at the local park. SO COOL.


Walking around and being on your feet all day at work counts as formal exercise, right? Thank goodness for squishy shoes!


Another hike! This time at Stone Mountain, Georgia. It’s not an actual hike, but it’s also not actually a mountain … so there’s that. Mostly went to hangout with these awesome friends of mine (and the laser/firework show!).


Hey look I’m running again! Oh, and pirating a private race photo … oops. But after almost passing out from dehydration and effort after a particularly hot and humid 10k, I needed some way to capture and cherish the painful experience.

So there you go. Some XT before XC and XO to all my lovely friends who have been there along the way and continue to go on adventures, run with me, read this blog, and deal with my crazy stories and bad jokes. Oh and one more thing because 878 words is more than I wanted to share in this post … I promise that my next blog post will have less selfies. #sorrynotsorryabouthehashtags



Until next time,



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