5am insights

So if you aren’t sick of my complaining yet, I’ll just continue anyway because I think everyone can agree with me on this point: the humidity here in the South is the WORST. Unfortunately what I’ve been hearing from Georgia natives is, “Oh just you wait, the worst is yet to come. Wait ’til it gets to 100 degrees! And the dog days! This is nothin’!” This remark is generally made beginning with some form of polite “ma’am, “sir”, or “y’all” and ends with a long sip of sugary sweet tea. I am fixin’ to use these Southern phrases one day or another.

Okay, okay, so maybe not that many Southern stereotypes fit into that specific conversation … but pick at least 2/4 and you might start to understand the way of life down here.

All of that being so, I’ve been punishing myself getting into a routine of waking up around 5:20am and getting in about an hour run before getting ready and leaving for work. I stand on my feet all day as well as commuting and lifting weights at night, so it will be easy in some ways to add in two-a-days later in the summer (editor’s note: it’s NOT any easier – it’s actually just been easier to run IN the heat, rather than to beat it! #oops). As soon as 5am comes and I still haven’t gotten much better at going to bed earlier, I’ve come to appreciate the *dark* morning runs. Sort of.

For some reason, the fact that it’s dark out in the morning isn’t an issue for me … but now being out after dusk makes me sad because I realize that even after I go to sleep and wake up for the new day, it will still be dark. Ugh. Still, coming from a small town with a total lack of good lighting around its pot-holed streets and one stoplight, I’m thankful for the convenient lamp posts along the main road of my university – the road serves a main bus stop, 2 hospitals, the CDC, and probably more important reasons, but I’ll pretend that they want to make sure runners like me feel safe.

Sunsets are overrated and sunrises don’t get enough credit. Not sure if it’s because people are generally awake for the sunset and don’t wake up before the sun? C’mon people – you’re missing out.

“Sorry Rudy but no, maybe sometimes if I feel like I need to punish myself for whatever reason”

Can we please recognize that this post has 11 “likes”? You can’t say I haven’t tried to find a running buddy. For now I’ll stick to my own groggy, somewhat grumpy, bargaining (for more sleep!) solo runs. There are a lot of hills, not many other runners, several confusing turns and blindspots, but at least I can come home to overnight oats, a shower, and begin the day feeling somewhat accomplished.


… I say “somewhat,” because at that point? It’s still only 7am. Awesome.



Until next time,





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