Keeping track 

161 days is 43.99% of the year 2016 and I can tell you where I’ll be for the next 56.01% … still here in GA 

1 call a day to my mom just to ramble and catch up on more than just the links on Facebook she sends me

6:08am and you’ll see a cotton candy pink sunrise on the horizon – above the Atlanta trees

2.5 hours by bus to get to and from work everyday

1 pair of daily scubs for work that are my only motivation to go to Medical School because they’re so comfortable

7-“ish” hours of sleep every night 

1-2 hours of swimming/aqua jogging each week and conversations with myself as my above-water head bobs from one side of the pool and back again 

Everyday I’m missing Washington and my hometown

10min “snooze” option so I might as well change my alarm from 5:15 to 5:25am 

500+ number of book pages flipped through while trying to pass extra time

90 degree average for a summer day Atlanta – don’t forget the drenching and suffocating humidity 

2 seasons of Graceland binge-watched thanks to Netflix

A handful of new friends and a bunch of better friends made through weekend adventures 

1 Thursday each week when I get the chance to sleep in (sort of) thanks to my lack of self-discipline 

Countless prayers to a Heavenly Father who is continually watching out for me, loving me, and guiding me through this crazy life

$3.99 for the cutest vintage modest dress I’ve ever seen at a thrift store – and did I mention the pockets?! 

6 hours on my feet each day at work fighting plantar fasciitis, falling asleep, and funky morgue smells

3 days a week in the weight room listening to music that I think my generation enjoys but I can get over how it all sounds the same – I call it “hoodrat rap”

20 years of life and this is the longest period of time I’ve spent out of Washington

4 times I’ve been totally and completely lost while trying to practice bus routes or explore Atlanta 

50 piece Tupperware set that is multicolored and a dream come true for a college student making packed lunches 

30 minutes past my bedtime to write this post (which correlates with the 30 minute nap I’ll take tomorrow)

Not sure how many months, but pretty sure it’s been longer than I think. Here’s to a jumbled and different style of writing as well as just plain rambling blog post – just my thoughts as they come along. Welcome to the summer life of Gabby: an unpaid intern at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, learning the struggle of public transportation, the fight with the humidity and attempting to still run and train for cross country, subleasing a house with nearly non-existent roommates, cooking and copying meals I’ve grown up with at home – this time on my own, and all the while managing 3 journals, 2 blogs, 1 busy tiring wonderful life (oh, and 0 boy interests). 

Still, I am happy. 

Until next time,