Seven words for seven years of running.

Seven. It sounds like a nice number? Luckily it hasn’t been 7 months (or more) since I last blogged, so no apologies here but I’m sorry for not sharing more since the summer – I blogged so much! If you’ll forgive me, here are some lists … because college has made me fall in love with sticky notes, lists, and planners. #organized

7 deadly sins (uh oh)

7 days to create the world

7 runners on a varsity xc team (relevant)

7 colors in the rainbow

7 is the calling code for Russia (also relevant)

7 years of friendship with “my boys”

7 Horcruxes made by Voldemort

7 is my birthday-day (even though I once got confused and thought it was the 4th)

Photo on 2-12-16 at 7.31 PMPhoto on 2-12-16 at 7.32 PM #2Photo on 2-12-16 at 7.33 PM #2Photo on 2-12-16 at 7.34 PM #2

(Yes, there were 7 examples!!!!!!! And 7 exclamation marks ……. okay, I think you get the point???????)


He estado corriendo durante siete años!

= Me encanto aprender más y más palabras en español! I’ll be in Mexico later this year, so hopefully I’ve learned enough to order tacos and talk to people about the beach!


= Korean number for 7 … I think. One of my friends is fluent and recently even taught me how to say apple (sagwa?). Shoutout to awesome trilingual friends (hola Raul) for teaching me cool things and responding to random text messages.


Я работает в течение (Семь) лет!

= Russian (again relevant since I had a dream that I was going to go on a mission for my church to Russia. You can ask my awesome roommate about this, but I’ve been trying ~sort of~ to learn Russian). Also, if anyone knows Russian and this is wrong, can we please blame Google Translate and not my limited knowledge from Duolingo?



Well, a long blog post so far of 777777777777s – how exciting. Really though, what else needs to be said? I’ve worked on this blog post since February started – I’m currently drafting it on a bus coming home from Tennessee after running a sub-par indoor mile (so I apologize if I seem too pessimistic about running). Even then, I (also) forgot how much I love this blog, all it’s meant to me over the years, how much in life has changed, and that I’ll always have the the scaryoverwhlemingendlesslongnonprivate Internet history of this blog to remember the most fRustUratiNg times of my life.



So, 7 years seem like a long time to keep doing the same thing, right? How do I do it you ask?! WELL. Sometimes what motivates me to go to practice is definitely NOT running. Sometimes what motivates me to go run is:

  • seeing my teammates! Even after having classes together earlier in the day, but then going for a few hours apart? The separation anxiety is SO real! (S/O to Megan for not only putting up with me in Biology, but also tutoring me, *usually* responding to my weird Snapchats, and the list goes on)
  • because I’m hungry and/or tired and want to get it over with …
  • I actually am excited TO run (to clarify: this is usually not a workout day or after Morning Run)
  • sometimes when I walk to/from the gym I see cute athletes on other teams (S/O to the Emory soccer boys)
  • twice a week we lift after running and who doesn’t want to #getswole ?! Just kidding (a little bit), but I do like to lift weights and think that it can benefit your running so much!
  • my mom or coach just got me a new pair of running shoes and I want to show them off, break them in (= get them muddy on the first day), or find what outfits I can match them to
  • it was a good/bad/terrible/wonderful/normal/exciting/boring/stressful/relaxing day


Basically, seven/칠/7/Семь/siete years later, and I still love running. “One foot in front of the other for as far as you can go … that’s faster than a walk” = my precise and accurate way to define running. Or wait, just “Google it” and you’ll find: “the action or movement of a runner.” Wow, so insightful.

Not only do I run everyday as a collegiate student-athlete, but I run because I am a runner – no matter how fast, slow, chubby, skinny, motivated, or unmotivated I am. No matter where I am, who I’m with, what time of day it is, or any other circumstances. No matter where running falls on the ladder of life from family, to school, to friends, to internships, to church, to boys, to _________. I am a runner (even if it’s a love hate relationship). As one of my teammates said (S/O to “Grandma” Elise) after running another cross country season as a 5th year, and *finally* ending her collegiate career, “Running gives so much more than it takes.” Here’s to another year, and a lifetime to go. Happy run-a-versary!


Until next time,


P.S: I definitely used the number 7 more than 7 times – no need to check.


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