(What else should I say?)

Sitting in my room, surrounded by multiple pieces of luggage, listening to music, enjoying sitting on my floor, and just soaking in the laziness of this Saturday … less than 48 hours left at home! I have no idea where I will be at the end of this next school year – back at home, doing what? In Atlanta with an internship? Working someplace totally unknown to me now?

Back to Emory … back to LIFE! This summer has been crazy busy, and so much more than I ever expected it to be. I am so looking forward to all that’s next – another season of collegiate running, working towards my major (and officially declaring, AH!), living with a new roommate, furthering so many great relationships from last year, going on more adventures around Atlanta, and making Emory my home (away from home?).

Apparently WordPress allows you to add “galleries” of photos, so here’s a re-cap if you don’t want to go back and read the past few months of blog posts … or just want to enjoy the photo version, because it really is that much more exciting compared to my ramblings. ;-)

I’m off for one last run on my beautiful trails – a 12 mile long run that’s sure to be full of random thoughts, overthinking, inside jokes (yes I talk to myself …), painful hills, beautiful views, awesome memories, a prayer or two, and (most likely) a few tears.

I love the Pacific Northwest. Washington will always have part of my heart, and after living in the South for a year? I’ve realized I have to will live somewhere where there are mountains, no question. If I don’t end up in Washington later in life, then this is a chapter that I will always look back on and have enjoyed living to its fullest, from hiking trails I can’t run up, to running trails I would laugh at calling a “hike”, enjoying the rain 24/7 and the grey skies even in the summer, to the laid back atmosphere and “seafood snob” mentality.

Here’s to another year to come. Something I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately is, “If it’s meant to be, it will all work out.” So maybe this coming semester and next school year won’t be exactly what I’m planning or think they will be, or maybe want to be … but, it will all work out. My only goals in this moment are: finishing this blog, going to get a fishing license (my last full day at home = going tuna fishing, which means YAY for 3am wakeup!), running, spending some time with friends, and enjoying the fact that my kitchen and food are down the hallway from my room … NOT a 5 minute walk through campus, and having to get on shoes to go outside.

Not sure how often, if at all, that I will continue to blog once I’m back at school, but it’s been good to be back to writing and sharing and rambling and living up to my namesake. ;-) Thanks for bearing with me!

Until next time,



Feeling 70, and then some.


Have I ever mentioned my age? Well, I’m close to 70 … not 19. Or at least this week I’ve been feeling like I am that old! Not to mention this photo reminds me of the good ‘ole days … ;-)

Somehow I’ve survived this crazy wild week & even managed to fit in a blog post! Much thanks to peanut butter, my foam roller, incredibly supportive family & friends, and of course, the man upstairs. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, you name it … I AM EXHAUSTED.

That being said, this has been one of the biggest weeks of my summer for several reasons & I am so excited about all that’s happened! Lately I’ve had another idea for a blog post in mind and started working on it, but more to come on that one (okay, Grandma?). Here’s a recap!

I finished my internship.


The past 8 weeks or so I have been an (unpaid) intern for the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department. I’ve been primarily working with the Corrections officers in the jail & I have LOVED it. Not just “Eh, it was alright,” but really truly loved my time there and oftentimes, didn’t want to leave to go to work! Haha. It has been the most rewarding experience and I am so glad to have had the opportunity. Such great exposure to the criminal justice system, from shadowing the deputies in everyday tasks as small as blood sugar checks to handing out lunch, as well as helping with transporting inmates to court and learning how the the courts and law enforcement work together. I could go on and on and on about all that I’ve been through this summer, but will leave it at that. Each day is different, and I have so many stories! :-) Everyone I worked with, from the officers to the inmates to the lawyers … everyone was so insightful and supportive of my position, and patient (because I realized that if you have a question, just ASK! Oh, and I had a lot of questions, haha). So excited for the future to come and to build on the internship I was able to be apart of these past few months!

Finally made my annual blackberry pie!


Okay, so maybe this doesn’t need to be included in a blog post, nor does that fact that I floss everyday (because they’re such menial accomplishments) … BUT! making a blackberry pie this summer has been long awaited. This summer has been the hottest that I can ever remember! Like, CRAZY hot. Super weird (and miserable, actually). I think the berries like a little more moisture, so here we are in the middle of August, finally picking blackberries. All I will say is … I still got it! Haha.

Physical therapy is the (most painful thing ever) best.

Twice a week = ASTYM, stretching, e-stim (super helpful for the pain), and chatting with the physical therapy assistants make for my morning routine. A bit of a drive, but so worth it for all that the therapy has been helping with my heel pain. Sure, the ASTYM treatment is in some ways more painful than my heel, but the effects over these past few weeks have been AWESOME. Here’s to keeping up with my terrible golf ball stretches, foam rolling, weird PRI (hip/glute) drills, and working to be healthy.

Reunited and it feels so goooooooooood!


Two weeks ago I had the chance to have dinner with one of my best friends/Emory teammate, along with her mom and twin. Meg’s twin, Em (on the left!), has been in Seattle this summer with a program through her college, so we decided on a date and time, and met for dinner! So surreal to chat and laugh and catch up with a friend from school, now sitting across the table from me on the opposite side of the country. It was SO FUN! Also, a quick word of advice? If your best friend is already close to 6 inches shorter than you … then you wearing wedges will make for a cute couple photo. Apparently the height difference has her calling me “Mom” now. Haha! :-)


Mileage PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 73 miles in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obviously I’m pretty excited about this part of this recap (if you couldn’t tell by the amount of exclamation marks and my classic “I’m excited and am taking a photo to show it!” face). These last two weeks of our team’s summer training program is supposed to be our highest mileage, with the addition of two-a-days, and since last year I maxed out at 64 miles? I made it my goal to run 70. Not only did I run 73 miles these past 6 days (YEAH!!!), but I also ran my longest long run – 14 miles (on purpose! … because I’m sure I’ve run 14 miles at once while getting lost before, haha). After this past week of little sleep, tight legs, and constant running/sweating/stretching/shower routine … it feels so so so good to have reached my goal! My running has had a lot of ups and downs these past months, and most of those have been negative moments – too often I’ve found myself hating running and just frustrated. After these past few weeks (really, since camp!), I am feeling excited to be back with my Emory teammates for the upcoming season, and confident in my fitness. :-)

So of course after a LONG week, in every stinking way, I treated myself to froyo. Yum.


This week I am feeling old.

Old because my body has been physically challenged by high mileage, physical therapy, lifting weights at the gym, falling on the trails, my skin chafing in the hot/muggy weather, and getting little sleep from a busy schedule.

Old because life is challenging, and constantly changing. Emotionally I’ve been through a lot this week, but am moving forward more relaxed and patient – knowing that everything will work out as it should.

I’m feeling 70, and then some. Maybe I’m feeling 73? *happy dance*

Until next time,