Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp: Counselor Edition

“Ooga chaka, ooga chaka, ooga ooga ooga chaka! I can’t stop this feeeeelin,’ deep inside of meeeee, girl, you just don’t reaaaaliiiiizeeee, what you do to meeeee.

I, I, IIIIII I’m hooked on a feelin’! So high on believin,’ that you’re in love with meeeeeeeeee.”


There you have it, readers. The opening lines of the song Hooked On A Feeling that our camp staff began last week’s skit to. Oh, but I probably should mention the two lines of guy counselors cat calling as the girls walked through them, and maybe I should say something about the provocative dance moves that accompany such catchy lyrics … Just a fun way, after hours of late night and mid-day exhausting practices, to make the campers laugh and end the last full day of Clear Lake/White Pass Cross Country Camp 2015: Week 2.

Never before (even in my short little life of 19 years) have I laughed so much, run so much (okay this one might be debatable), been around such awesome people, or been as sleep deprived as I was as a camp counselor. After 3 years as a camper it was awesome to become part of the staff, and learn the “behind the scenes” of the camp itself. From wake up to lights out, staff meetings, checking rooms for “tired” campers during lectures (punishment for skipping was usually push-ups!), as well as the little organizational and scheduling tidbits that come with running (pun intended) camp for a week. Oh, and while releasing 140 some odd high school aged campers to a group of college students might not sound like the greatest idea, no worries … we have BRUCE. He’s not the head honcho in charge like Mister, but he’s (pretty much) the head honcho in charge of (yes, this joke again) running the camp each week.


The Week 2 Crew was an eclectic group (but I’ll just mention the college age/fun people, haha only sort of kidding on this one) ranging from the most focused, shy, and incredibly talented Division 1 runners like Keegan (also one of the nicest guys out there, even after “Keegan’s sister” jokes all week) …

to goofy and tall “Bug” who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met – I can’t help but wish he was on my team at Emory! …

small yet full of energy and swing dancing moves (and hugely humble) runner for UW, Hannah

“hottest guy at camp” and the one who’s a total free spirit, traveling the world through his faith and learning about people and life (and rumor is that sometimes he runs sometimes?) Denver

firecracker and counselor-experienced (a girl much loved by her West Valley boys – gifts and notes and dances throughout the week!) Terra

crazy competitive and driven Dallas (he’s a college age counselor, even with the beard, we promise) …

funky dancing, ALS challenge donor, teacher to be (at his alma mater, at least) and slow peach eating Trevor

short, yet volleyball extraordinaire and knowing the way to my heart with his smooth pick-up lines, Daniel (important to keep his nickname of “Dirty D” in mind during the skit) …

taller, white Van wearing, dorky, and actually the guy who I’ve had a “runner crush” on for years (pretty cool to compete with someone all through high school in your league/district when you were both dominant runners, and get to know them better after competing at different colleges!) Stephen

quiet, yet awesome and funny “devil or angel” (he’s actually deaf and with limited vision, yet still runs, and runs FAST!) assistant coach to the one and only Mister, the one and only Ivan

one of my favorites (oops) of the week, with the best creepy looks, imagination, and leadership of us undergrads, Cory

and then of course there is still Mister, Bruce, LaLonde, Ed (craziest abs and arms and dude ever!), Dan “from Alaska,” Dan “Neeway,” Robin, Matt (also known as Olaf!), and a few other coaches that made an appearance over the week.


From peach eating to pool parties, to dancing, Jenga, volleyball, milk gallon challenges, running relays, running/climbing to the top of the ski lift, late night snacks and skit rehearsals, cute computer dates, crazy awesome campers, funny mealtime stories, cuddling, and more than anything, being on the go from sun up, to sun down … here’s to yet another year of camp, at the best place in the world, with the most beautiful trails, and coolest people.

Here, too, is to hoping for another year as a counselor in 2016 and to reunite the Week 2 Crew (because Week 1 & 3 can’t possibly compare to the group dynamic we had, or our amazing skit performance).

Oh, and maybe my group (Group 6) didn’t win any awards (and were somewhat average overall), but I definitely think that if we ranked the group photos, our mean mugs would be the best of them. Oh, and one more thing because we can’t be friends with any of our campers on social media … “Running through the six with my woes” was a terrible team chant, but you guys gave it your all, so I guess there’s that. Proud of each of you (but mostly our Volleyball/Jenga/Four Square/every group activity MVP … you know who you are).


“Shut up and dance with me!”

Again, a few more provocative dances moves (as long as they’re not directed towards anyone but the air? we’re good), and the skit is over. Thinking about maybe putting the full video on here, but I’ll leave a few key terms and let your imagination wander …

cross dressing, fighting, Olaf, swing dancing, future husbands, height jokes, more provocative dancing, finger smelling, a lot more (somewhat appropriate) dancing, skewered Dr. Seuss lines, and most importantly … inside jokes from the week of camp that left everyone slightly uncomfortable (don’t sit on the end of the rows, just some advice), and wishing we could relive the moments just one more time.


Until next time,


P.S: Camp withdrawals are real and I will totally admit to crying a few tears on the way home … But maybe that was just the lack of sleep.


6 thoughts on “Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp: Counselor Edition

  1. Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! It’s great you have a community of runners you get to hang out with.

  2. Aww! How fun! What a great experience you had! You’ll have so many wonderful memories from this. And you’re helping to create memories for the “young ones” too. :)
    I’m sure it was hard to say goodbye, but now you’ll have the excitement of looking forward to next year!

    • It was absolutely amazing & I could go on and on! Haha thanks for keeping me positive about being home from camp & sharing in this fun post. So fun to write! :-)

  3. Wow!!! So much energy and activities and non-stop fun from sun up till sun down. And even a little bit of running thrown in too. Tired me out just to read about it. Oh to be young and full of energy again… Thanks for sharing all the fun from camp. Glad you found being a counselor was as much fun and maybe even more entertaining than being a camper. Great group to stay involved with.

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