I 100% agree with all these reflections and so often feel the same way. Thanks for the reminder that running is in fact a journey, and a lot will happen along the way – we just need to enjoy every step.

Reflective Running

One thing running reminds you of or teaches you is the rhythm of life. Yes, running is metrical in its own cadence, but for most running is just a smaller piece of the larger compositions of our lives. Without trying to get too prosaic, running is a great reflection of the whole journey/destination twosome conundrum. Running is a journey with some sort of destination.

Now the danger and issue with the question of whether it’s the journey or the destination that matters is flawed in its expectation of a set answer.The answer is both.

People’s answers exist along a spectrum. Take the example of running. For some, the journey of running is less important than the destination of reaching a certain time or competing in a marathon or beating a record, etc.. For others, like me, it’s more about the act of running itself as an escape. The destination is a…

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