Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


Meet Andrea.

Don’t let looks deceive you. At first glance she may just seem to be a goofy teenage girl wearing a unicorn bike helmet, but in reality, she is much more than that.

Since this blog started, Andrea has shown up in pictures and the “teammate” that I often mention, is her. Since we both like to run … okay, we’re kind of obsessed … we spend A LOT of time together. From cross country practices, track practice, band functions, and seeing eachother at school everyday (in high school that is), team camp, White Pass cross country camp, going on dates (we’re a “sismance” – similar to a “bromance” ;-), and all other adventures along the way.

I started this blog post over a year ago, and since falling off the face of the blogging planet, didn’t ever finish it. Maybe I’ve introduced a lot of people on the blog recently, but it might be better to get used to that fact … I haven’t even started to recap my first year of college running. ;-)



002IMG_0823Train Concert - 92312 002

Homecoming 2012 075Districts 2012 022

So, yeah. You’ll generally find us in running clothes, sharing super healthy/yummy recipes we find online, obsessing over cute runners who range from boys on the local track team to professional athletes (we met Andrew Wheating and even got a picture with his tall wonderful self *melt*), complaining about running or different aspects of school, and now that a year has passed since I graduated and we will BOTH college students this coming fall? I’m sure there will be many more adventures to be had, talked about, and memories remembered.

Since I’ve been back from college this summer, she’s finished high school and (officially, with grad cap, billowy gown, grad party filled weekends, and all) GRADUATED this past weekend. *cue celebratory cheers* We will still be on opposite sides of the country next year since she is attending the University of Washington, but after a year away, I appreciate my partner-in-crime more than ever. Listening to her speech at graduation (because she’s super smart AND attractive AND nice AND involved AND the list goes on …), I appreciate her sarcastic wit and fun self all the more. Sometimes you meet people and connect with them on a level different from anyone else. We haven’t talked a ton this year, but with the help of different social media sites and texting, I’ve kept an eye on the girl who’s NOT eye level anymore. #tallgirlproblems

Maybe this blog post was supposed to center on a certain memory or trait of Andrea when I first had the idea and started to write, but now it’s more of a rambling “you’re the best/congrats/good luck/have a good summer/thank you for being an awesome teammate, friend, other half of our “sismance,” Tweedle, fellow adventurer, competitor, and teacher” post. Oops.

To sum it alllllll up, for even those of you who haven’t met Andrea (you’re missing out, let me tell ya), or maybe stumbled upon this blog and don’t even know ME (not missing out, let me tell ya), then just think of this … all of the people you’ll meet in your life, whether it ends up a good or bad experience, whether it’s a random introduction at a restaurant with a waiter to a long-term relationship, and no matter how you feel about someone in the moment or your connection with them, you can learn from each and every one of those individuals – learning about them or, most often, yourself.

Since leaving for college I’m so much more grateful for those people that I’ve known for a longer amount of time who are my support system, those people I’ve met for the first time and have gotten closer to, as well as those people I’ve briefly spent time with, but have had a profound impact on me. Andrea is a perfect example of someone who I’ve been blessed to get to know, spend a lot of time with, and am always learning (on both sides of things) from. Thanks for everything (since I know you’ll actually read this). :-)

P.S: Don’t forget … You’re #1!!!


Until next time,



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