Hi there! :-)


I mean … hi.


Right now I should be working on scholarships, and don’t get me wrong, I have done some homework tonight … but I was distracted by re-reading old blog posts from over the years & couldn’t help but post another.

Man, I miss this blog.

I miss my old sense of humor, witty jokes, & terrible puns.

I miss how positive I used to be.

I miss my old teammates.

I miss having free time on school nights to write freely & without prompts.

Okay, okay … So maybe I sound like an old grandmother reminiscing on her “golden years” when the times I’m talking about were only last school year, but oh how things have changed! From my friendships, to running, school, extra-curriculars, goals for the future, & heck! Even my hair has changed!

Then again … maybe not everything has changed. Maybe.

I mean, I still go to the same high school (53 more days!), live in the same house (122 days!!), am running distance track right now, & even eat Fuji apples every day like I used to. (Sidenote: I’ve eaten 66 Fuji apples in 2014. Add that to your list of random facts! ;-)

That’s a good list, right? Take my day for example. Tuesday. Today I went to school, ran a easy 45 minute run at practice, went home, went to drama practice, & here I sit. Nothing too exciting, right? I told you my life wasn’t exciting anymore. Then again, it’s not Thursday yet, & everyone loves Thursdays.

So while everything seems the same, let’s see if we can find some differences. I mean, I rattled off a long list above, didn’t I? First things first …

– My hair. It’s true – these curls of mine are longer than ever before! My Coach has even ventured to say that I run faster when my hair is shorter, so with that, & the fact that the humidity in Georgia is CRAZY … these luscious locks of mine might not be around much longer. Alright, the wind blowing my hair all around might not help … but what can I say? Gondolas above the San Diego Zoo get pretty crazy when you decided to be a rebel and not hold onto the edges.


– Running. Well, there aren’t too many changes in the fact that I am still running way too much everyday & am currently in distance track, except for the fact that I’m a bit … behind. What I mean by that is that having tendonitis in my left foot at the beginning of the season & taking two weeks off of running (but who doesn’t love stationery bikes & underwater running?!), only to have a flare up of shin splints after returning to running full force? Yeah. This has been an interesting season so far, that’s for sure. I am slowly getting back into shape, but patience & keeping a positive attitude are definitely key. Huh … maybe I should take my own advice sometimes!

– Friendships. Considering that scholarships have taken over my life … it’s a wonder I have friends! Okay, only kidding. Well, a little. Senior year is crazier than anyone ever cared to mention & I’ve forgotten what it is to have “free time.” Many of my friends I see when we’re locked in that cell they call high school in class, or at drama practice, & during track. Other than that? Well, if you don’t see me in person, email me, or write snail mail letters? Sorry, friend. In mentioning snail mail, two of my old teammates are on church missions & doing great, but WOW is it a change to not have them around. I mean, who else am I supposed to give a hard time? The underclassmen are more intimidating that my fellow seniors these days!

– Goals. So I might’ve gotten just a bit over-dramatic (figures, right?) on this one. I still aspire to become a Doctor of Medicine after attending Emory University & *insert prestigious medical school here.* I cannot wait to head off to college in the South this fall! Woohoo! Not to mention the fact that I will be a NCAA competitor! I don’t care who you are, that’s cool. As far as my other goals? I want to be happy. I want to help others & in that, continue to learn & grow in my own way. The unknown of the future may not be as scary as some of the calculus problems I’ve tackled this school year, but is a close one! The only difference is that I’m actually excited for what my life holds for me next. Calculus on the other hand? Yeah … not quite.


Well if procrastination was a class, you could definitely say that I would be its top student. Or at least for today! I may not have finished one of the many scholarships from the looming mountain next to me on my desk, but I finished a new blog post. Surely there’s no shame is using time I should be using to write, to write … right?

With that, I am happy. It’s been too long. It’s been WAY too long, actually. As things continue to change in my life, I’ll make sure to stop by & keep everyone updated. Or if nothing else, keep myself sane by freeing some of my bottled up creativity. (I blame repetitive scholarship prompts!). I hope this reaches you, my readers, well. Keep running & reading & writing & living life to the fullest! Keep busy & enjoy every moment. Advice from a (near) high school graduate. :-)


Oh & shhhhhhhhhhhhh. If anyone asks? I’ve been working on scholarships all night. ;-)


Until next time,