Run-a-versary #5.

Wow. Coming back to my blog … man have I missed it! The craziness of life has set in, and I haven’t been able to find time to blog in WAY too long. Then again, life goes in phases and I wouldn’t trade my blogging days for anything. :-)

SO! Where to begin. My life has most definitely taken a turn since last August – understatement of the year! To go over the biggest points: 1) I HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY  ACCEPTED TO EMORY UNIVERSITY! I will be running next year in Atlanta, Georgia. I cannot wait! The simple thought of going off to college makes me giddy! 2) My senior year of high school is in full swing! Scholarships, senior projects, general homework, pep band, play practice, and anything and everything else you could possibly think of to be balancing at once? Well, I’m probably involved somehow! Haha. 3) My last cross country season didn’t end as well as I would have liked, but I learned another valuable life lesson for myself (that you can’t focus on a bajillion things at once and expect to excel – long story short!) and hope to face my senior track season with MUCH more focus. I am nervous, but very very excited! 4) Life in general is just so good to me. I have an amazing support system in my life, and no matter the ups and downs that my life has been full of over these past few months and in the coming months, I know that I can do anything with their love and support. I cannot say enough of how grateful and blessed I am to have such wonderful family and friends. So to those of them who are reading this, know that I appreciate you enough to brag about you to my HUGE blog following. ;-)


In honor of my 5 year “Run-a-versary” I decided to post a blog, and to share one of my college essays that perfectly explains how I feel about how running fits into my exciting and ever-changing life. Going off to college and leaving home, even months before it actually happens, is definitely harder than I ever thought it would be! Everything is changing and while that is scary to me, I am … well, speechless. There are too many emotions to express over a simple blog post! :-) So with that, you may ask “Why running? Why have you subjected yourself to such daily torture for so long?” Well dear readers, allow me to enlighten you … This is what running means to ME. :-)


Everyone has an escape, a daydream, their “happy place” from any problems may plague them in life. Everyone has someplace to dwell far from reality, no matter what the cause for their leaving. Such a place is hard to find; no one can tell you where to go or what you will experience there. In another world among the trees, I find myself perfectly content. Burgundy stained woodchips litter the ground my feet dare to step upon; my footsteps echo as a presence in such a sanctuary. The only sounds are my own breaths and the slightest stirrings of life from rustled bushes. No matter the weather, my mood, or the time of day, the peace that comes from running along the lake’s edge cannot be compared. For an hour I am free to unwind and think; to reflect on the situations and people in my life. There are no distractions, expectations, no outside opinions, no deadlines or stress. Emerged tree roots and tight turns challenge my body to focus on the terrain, as my mind is free to enjoy the experience of body and mind working together, creating a sense of utmost peace.

While the course may stay the same, each run is different. Every time I run along the trail’s edge is one that I can explore and discover not only nature, but also focus on self-discovery. Life is full of adventures that bring change and anxiety when faced with the vast unknown of each of our futures. As my stride quickens, anticipating steep hills on the turn ahead, my mind already knows what part of the trail is next, but my thoughts take on the challenge anew. The time I spend alone on runs, perfectly content, strengthen the person that I am currently, as well as build on who I am becoming. There is a time and a place for friends, family, and loved ones. There are also times for the benefit of others in volunteering, patience, and teamwork. Running is my time to be selfish and focus on bettering myself so that I am prepared to help others in need. Not every run is inspiring, not every day ends as positive as it began, and not everyone is perfect. Just as the warped branches that litter my path lay on their own, I run silently and full of curiosity, constantly searching for my own mistakes and the lessons to be learned.

I always find that the end of a run comes much later than I may have asked for at first, but also, much too soon. No matter how tired my body feels after a run, the lead feeling in my legs, or the ache in my chest, I go about the rest of my day feeling refreshed. Running alone on the edge of the lake is my “happy place.” It is a time where I feel the most content with my life and all that my responsibilities and decisions encompass. Emerging from the woods, as my footsteps slap the ground, counting down steps to the finish, I am ready to better myself and continue the path towards who I will become.



With that, I hope you all are well and that your own lives are leading you where you wish – to your futures and the unexpected roads of self-discovery. If any of you actually made it through this post and remember my past blogs … how did I do? Have I changed? There is something so much more exciting about creative writing than “boring writing” … like scholarships! Haha but don’t tell my mom … she’s afraid I’ll give up my medical career aspirations for a major in creative writing when I get to college! It’s not my fault Emory has the #1 creative writing program in the country! It must be a sign … ;-) Haha. As always, I am rambling and going on about nonsense. Back to work! Run happy and enjoy life, dear readers.



Until next time,



Because what’s a blog post without a post-run selfie? ;-) Carry on!






2 thoughts on “Run-a-versary #5.

  1. I was so excited to come over and see what you’ve been up to! Your senior year, huh? How exciting!! Wishing you the best of luck with your running this year. I have a feeling you’ll finish strong!
    Stop by every once in a while and let us know how you’re doing! :)

    • Hi there! thanks so so much for your comment – all is well here, as you have read! I wish I was not so busy sometimes, but that’s life! Haha. I truly appreciate your support & hope all is well with YOU in your life. :-)

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