Living Life on a Roller Coaster

Remember me?


The past few months have been a whirlwind. The good, the bad, and the ugly; I’ve seen it all. My emotions have ranged from sky high excitement, bitter disappointment, waves of sadness, to overwhelming confidence and nerves. I’ve even experienced a mixture of these all at the same time. This spring (now summer, whether the weather wants to cooperate or not!) has been full of surprises and continues to amaze me nearly everyday. So much has changed, and yet so many things are still the same. Let me fill you in …

– College –

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For spring break (Yes, it’s been that long since I last blogged! Oops!) my parents and I went to the South to visit colleges and because none of us had ever been before. Long story short, I fell in love. The states we visited: Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina are all so beautiful. A different beauty than I’m used to from the Pacific Northwest, but beautiful nonetheless. Not to mention how friendly everyone we met was and the overall mood of the South was easy going and relaxed. I also fell in love with a college, Emory University. I met with the cross country/track coach and ran with the team at one of their practices, which has helped me to realize that I am 120% sure that Emory is where I want to go. Other than being able to compete at the college level for running, Emory has all of the medical involvement that I’m looking for, such a community feel on campus (which is a “MUST” on my list for going to college), wacky traditions, warm and friendly people, and most importantly … In the few hours that I spent on campus, I could see myself there. It felt like the perfect fit. Throughout the rest of the week of visiting colleges, I couldn’t help but think of myself going to Emory for the next 4 years and making it my home away from home. After our trip in April, I am already working on my applications this summer to submit in this upcoming fall. I am beyond excited and am hoping everything will work out for me to become an Emory Eagle. :-)

– Wrapping up the track season –

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For those of you that followed my posts before I happened to drop of the face of the Earth, I was about a month into my junior year track season. The end of May brought my teammates and I to state. As for the goals I set for myself this season? The biggest ones of making it on the podium and getting to the school record for the 3200m … I made both of them! I was fortunate to qualify for state not only for the 3200m, but also the 1600m and 800m. I placed 4th in the 3200m at state and also broke our school record by nearly 9 seconds a month before! :-) This track season went better than I could have imagined and has made me confident in what I can do this fall in cross country. After all, it will be my senior year that’s coming up. I have to make it count! I cannot thank my parents, coach, and teammates enough for a memorable season. I don’t know where I would be without their constant support! A “thank you” never seems to be enough.

– Adventures of summer –

This spring went by flawlessly. Sure, it was busy and stressful, but everything turned out just right. So far, this summer has been just the same. With the summer almost halfway over, I’ve already had so many new experiences, long nights, plenty of laughs, and adventures. I’ve met wonderful new people that have become fast friends, as well as facing the reality that many of my current friends are getting ready to move on with their lives and face the future. Until those hard times come, I am doing my best to stay positive and enjoy the time that is left. :-)

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– What’s next? –

I’d like to say that after this catch-up blog, that I will be back on track to blogging every week … but I’m afraid that’s not the case. Like the name of this posts suggest, my life is a constant roller coaster. Whether that applies to how busy I am, my emotions, or my running … Life is crazy on the Gabb-inator (the name of the rollercoaster ;-). I am leaving for team camp this weekend to Fort Warden and will be back later next week. That being so, I will have plenty of new material when I get back and already can’t wait to leave. Until then, I have a full week ahead of me, but am going to make it my goal to blog at least once more. I’m hoping that by writing down what I hope to do, that you readers will hold me accountable. Sound like a deal? ;-)

Thank you to all of you that have remembered me and secretly crossed your fingers for a new post over the past few months. I apologize for not keeping up on my blog! How time flies! I hope all is well in your lives and that you have a splendid week!

Until next time,


I believe in this quote 110%. Something to remember!



2 thoughts on “Living Life on a Roller Coaster

  1. Welcome back, Gabby! Even if it’s only for a short while. I had a feeling you had lots going on – and you definitely do! How cool that you found the right college. It’ll make the move so much easier on you if you already know you’re going to feel at home there.
    Congrats on the great running times!
    Next time the Gabb-inator comes to a stop, be sure to catch us up on your latest news!

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