Sweet Teens.

Coming up with a title for my posts always seems like the hardest part. For this one in particular, one came to me before I had even established what I would write about. With that, I suppose you’re now thinking, “Sweet Teens? What does that even mean!?” To that I say … Well, I have no response. This post was supposed to be called “Sweet Sixteens” and be a play on words about events in my life involving the number 16 and of course, posted on the 16th. Because of my own crazy schedule and getting distracted by things I thought were more important than a blog post, the 16th has passed and I’ve been left with plenty of good ideas and no title for them. Rather than ditch them all for another post, here’s a glimpse into what’s been going on in my crazy life …


The number of seconds between my mile time and the school record.

At our meet this past Thursday I ran the 1600m (the mile), the 800m, 4x400m relay, and threw discus. Even though I ran the 1600m at our first meet last Saturday, my time was slower as I had run the 3200m about an hour before. However, on Thursday, I ran the mile fresh and PR’ed by 5 seconds! Woohoo! :-) I am excited to be starting the season on such a good note, but those 15 seconds are sitting heavily in my mind. Watch out record ….


How old I’m turning in two weeks!

I can’t believe it. In two weeks I’ll be able to go to rated-R movies on my own! So much freedom comes with turning 17. I can’t wait! Okay, maybe not that many things. Either way, I truly cannot believe it. On my birthday I’ll be on the other side of the country visiting colleges with my parents and honestly? I can’t believe that either.


The number of 400m intervals we had to do the other day.

I always groan and complain when I find out that we have to run so many intervals, but this year the workout went flawless! We split up the full 12 into 3 sets of 4 with plenty of rest in between. I ran at goal pace and even faster than my coach asked for. All in all, it was a great workout and made for a good day. Looking back on it, a full week later, those 400m repeats weren’t actually that bad …


Number of days until my parents and I leave for the East Coast.

No, the number 5 doesn’t quite qualify as a number in the teens, but I thought it was an important enough event to be included. On the 31st, next Sunday, my parents and I will be visiting the East Coast again for my spring break. This time we are going farther south and will be visitng colleges. More on that later though, I promise! Until then, I can’t wait to go! :-)

The more I write of events going on in my life, the more I realize that I have a lot to look forward to. While some of the things I’m looking forward to break the boundary of less than 20 days and aren’t included in this post, they are happening nonetheless. More than just looking forward to upcoming events, focusing on keeping a positive attitude through all the ups and downs that happen from day to day, I am happy with it all. Sure there are moments that I wish I was running faster, that spring break was closer, I could better understand my math homework, or get more sleep each night … but, I’m doing my best. Working hard and always striving to be better? Now that’s what will matter in the long run. Pardon my pun, but this is a running blog after all. ;-)
Our next track meet is this Thursday and is one of my favorite meets of the year. Only 2 days! After that, my plan is to survive Friday at school and then woohoo! Spring break here I come! Before leaving to explore the great campuses of Vanderbilt, Emory, William & Mary, Duke, and Wake Forest, I’ll make sure to fill you readers in on my meet. Who knows, our relay might right a perfectly sweet teen time. ;-) Wish us luck!

Until next time,


Fresh Start.

Wow, it feels good to be back. I really have missed writing over the past two weeks. Actually … I’ve missed creative writing! the past few weeks have been a wild ride full of homework, Washington rain, track practice, play practice, little sleep, salads, and barking. Lots and lots of barking. Not from our little dog Paco, but the newest addition to our family. Coming from a pitbull rescue organization, we officially adopted this sweet boy.

Meet Milo. 581791_511489032236656_349051145_n My dad trying to hold Milo for a picture. Two of my favorite guys!

I think it’s safe to say that Milo is a good match. :-)  525278_511487718903454_1546754769_n

Besides adopting Milo, I’ve started track. Already two weeks in, our first meet is coming up this Saturday. Ah! Other than hill repeats, long runs, barefoot cooldowns, and weight workouts, nothing too exciting has happened … EXCEPT for one thing. We have an actual distance group! Woohoo! Instead of the “distance kids” made up of four or five kids that also do cross country, this year we’re a mighty group complete with runners ranging from the 400m to the 3200m. Most of them don’t realize that by doing our workouts that they’re going to be running the longer races, but oh well. They’ll figure it out eventually …

So far, the group of kids we have training together this year is beyond awesome. Because of them, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite seasons. Of course running alongside Andrea and Tyson again has been great and without them I don’t know what I’d do. I’m hoping it will turn out to be a good season. I can’t lie and say that I haven’t been surprised by how much the other runners have fit in. There isn’t as much complaining as originally thought and honestly? I’m starting to believe that some of them like our distance workouts. Secretly of course!

Even with starting the new track season, my attitude hasn’t been what it should be. Staying positive throughout the off-season after a stellar ending to my cross country season, I was hopeful that the mindset I was in would continue. Being so, the past month has been rough. Rough as in exhausting. Exhausting on both the mental and physical side of things. I realize now that I overtrained this winter. Not to a point of injuring myself, but enough to the point that my body was tired of pushing and that I needed to back off. With this tiredness came the end of my good attitude and positive outlook on the upcoming season. Frustration followed every workout and no matter whether it was a hard or easy day, I struggled to finish. Taking some time to get more sleep, cutting back the intensity of my workouts, and being able to relax has turned my life a full 360. Able to recoup, I’m back to my normal self and feeling much both better mentally and physically. Already this week I’m feeling stronger in my workouts and am feeling happier. Crazy what only a few small changes can amount to …

Things back to normal, I’m ready to run hard and fast this weekend at our first meet. I’m excited to compete, see and visit with friends from other schools, eat Munga cookies, have a crazy team bus ride, and get back into the swing of things. With all that, I’m also insanely nervous about racing again. We’ve only done a few workouts on the track and I’m definitely not feeling fast! Attitude in check, this is the first blog of many more positive ones to come. Until then, I’ll keep working hard, pushing my teammates to be the best that they can be, and mainly? Just enjoying the track season. Fresh start! :-)

Until next time,


On a goal sheet that our coach handed out the other day, the bottom of the paper asks for comments. After jokingly filling out the field event portion with a goal to jump 5’10” in high jump this year (I’ve never even tried it to begin with!), I took the last few lines a bit more seriously.

“Last year I had a bad attitude in my training, but after such a great XC season, I’m ready to be a positive part of the team and a role model in being both a hard worker and a supportive teammate.”

That’s a good enough goal, wouldn’t you say? :-)

keep going