Run, rest, repeat.

On a gloomy, dark, rainy day like today is turning out to be, I figured that instead of focusing on the negative, it was time to start over and begin thinking more positive. The past week has been long, tiring, frustrating, and did I mention long? To say the least, thank goodness it’s the weekend. Even so, there are a bunch of exciting things happening in the near future to look forward to, and I know I can’t stay bummed for long.

Leading up to the first day of track, I’ve taken the weekend off from running. Tired legs, tired mind … ugh. I’ve just been tired. Maybe sitting around and being completely lazy isn’t the best workout, but it’s one I can definitely fit into my busy busy schedule!

On a happier note, Andrea, my coach and I are going up to Seattle to watch an indoor track meet at the University of Washington later today. For those of you who may or may not follow running news, the meet is the Brooks PR Invitational. It’s a meet that invites that best highschool athletes from around the country to come and run against each other on the “fastest track.” That being so, it’s always a blast to go and watch! This will be my third year going and it’s such a fun way to start off the track season. Not to mention we always get a bunch of free stuff (i.e: shirts, stickers, posters, tattoos, etc.). Oh, and did I mention how cute some of the runners are? I mean … fast? :-)


Even though I’ve taken the weekend off from running, I’ve still gotten some exercise in. Instead of running, it’s been in the form of dog-sitting. Friday night our new dog Milo was dropped off by his previous foster mom and since then, our house has become a mad house. Transitioning into our new life with Milo, everyone’s routine has been shaken up. There’s been plenty of snarling, barking, running, running into things,  yelling “off” and “no”, and reprimanding with a spray bottle. We’re all still adjusting to the changes, but I can already see that Milo is a good addition to our family. Even if he wants to play all the time (only being 14 months!) and keeps getting shut down by Paco! Who we’ve fondly nicknamed the “Fun Police.”


Besides watching the two dogs play, sitting around watching Netflix, and the occasional homework assignment, I’ve actually been somewhat productive! As we speak, I have a letter on its way to Indiana. Inside is a cross country questionnaire that is all filled out and ready to be pored over by a coach at Notre Dame. While I’m not the fastest of the fast and am happy being a middle of the pack runner, I don’t see any harm in filling our running questionnaires for colleges that I have an interest in. Notre Dame has only recently peaked my interest, but has many of the qualities that I’m looking for. Even though they are a D1 school and where my running is at now there is no chance of being recruited, you never know! I only have to run 45 seconds faster in the mile this year to get there … I like to think that this spring is going to be my “breakout season.” ;-)


I hope you all are having a great weekend! Track 2013 starts tomorrow … wish me luck!

Until next time,




4 thoughts on “Run, rest, repeat.

  1. Knowing when to rest is an important part of training, isn’t it? When I first started, I thought I had to run ALL the time in order to be fit. But then things started to hurt. Bad. So I backed off. Now, I include rest as part of my training, and my distance and time have gotten so much better!
    Hope you had a great time watching the cute, I mean fast, runners! And good luck with the Notre Dame recruiter. 45 seconds faster a mile? You can do it! :)

    • I wish I had learned how important rest was earlier. Guess it’s one of those “learn by expereince” things that comes with running! Dang. Haha. I’ve backed off my training a bit, gotten more sleep, and cut extra stress that was piling up. Since then, I have felt 10000x better! :-)
      I had a wonderful time watching the fast (and cute ;-) runners! It was a great day. Nothing back from Notre DAme, but it doesn’t hurt to get your name out there and show some interest! We’ll see. As for the mile time, our first track meet is on Saturday so I’m hoping for a fast time. Haha probably not 45s, but anything could happen … :-P

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