Catch me if you can.

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile!

The start of a new semester at school has meant homework, studying, and finals. Not to mention a changing schedule that’s even more exhausting and busier than before! To make up for so much lost time between my last post and now, I decided to spare you from a long and boring explanation, and instead entertain you with pictures!

Over the past two weeks I’ve taken the SATs, baked homemade bread for the first time, gone on a somewhat sketchy date, logged back-to-back 40 mile running weeks, researched family history back to the American Revolution, made cute pancakes, embraced my inner band nerd, added to my collage of a wall, found a new favorite song, set new goals, become a gopher to our drama club director, submerged myself into following the elite running scene, started a swimming regime at the YMCA, and used up any free time that I’ve had with reading and more sleep … among other things. :-)

            005                     003

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   421692_10151379293604445_311710767_n                 downsized_0202131604

Transitioning into my new schedule, I’m ready to get back to blogging more often than once every few weeks. Oops! I have a couple new ideas to share and can’t wait to get them down for you all to read. Not to mention play auditions and giving blood later this week! Busy busy busy.

Hope all is well with and you enjoy Superbowl Sunday!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “Catch me if you can.

  1. You rock!
    I wish I had the energy and/or desire to run AFTER work. I could probably get a lot more miles in that way. Maybe not 40 mile weeks back to back (sheesh!) but more than 15-20. I prefer running in the morning, but most days I start work at 6am. I’d have to get up at 2am to fit in a run. As it is, I have to get up at 3 to make it to work on time. Any secrets on prodding my legs to go at least 6 miles after standing all day? :)

    • Haha 40 milesis taking its tole, not gonna lie. Thank you for the encouragement though! Keeps me going on the long runs. :-)
      Hmm, waking up at 2 doesn’t sound like a good option! My only advice might be to maybe split it up? Or if you don’t want to wake up early in the morning to do your first run, you could always just work on stretching when you can at work. Standing all day can be so tiring. Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll figure some way to get out on the roads. :-)

      • Stretching at work is a good idea. I do it occasionally, if no guests are around.
        Today I ran directly after work – before coming home. I have an hour drive home after work, so by the time I get home, I’m tired and don’t feel like running. So today I brought clothes to change into and ran just 3 miles , but I was more energized than if I had driven home first. Since it seems easier, I’ll try to do that more often. A couple of trips around the Arch is about 5 miles. I’ll take that over none. :)

      • Sounds like your new plan for running before going home worked out a bit better, hmm? Hopefully you can work it into your schedule a bit easier and make it more of a routine. I know when I’m tired that keeping to a routine keeps me motivated! “One run is better than none.” :-)

  2. You are an amazing young lady and what I’ve seen what you have done and what your goals are it is awesome… Work on your botche ball and crochet and you may make something of yourself..atwell

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