One frusturating year.

61 posts, thousands of words, tens of hours spent writing, and we’ve made it. The one year anniversary of this blog! Woohoo!


1 year! :-)

When I first started writing, my idea was to share all of the funny, adventurous, and (sometimes horrible!) runs that happened in my life. With that in mind, the first posts on my blog are filled with sarcastic thoughts and humorous reactions to what was going on in my running. As time went on, my posts became more about what I was feeling about my running; not so much about what was going on. From there I began blogging about my life and pushed running aside. Looking back to my first posts, I’ve changed a lot over a year as both a runner and a writer.

Looking at the future of my blog, I don’t know what will happen. Maybe I’ll become homeschooled and focus on being a full-time blogger;  submitting posts everyday and amassing hundreds of followers. Or maybe I’ll fall off the face of the Earth and leave the blogger in me behind. I’ve always loved writing, but if I have nothing to share? Who knows. If not any of those options, then maybe I’ll continue as I am now. Blogging at least once a week to entertain both the few die-hard followers that I have and my own wandering mind. I don’t know about you, but I like the third option!

Over the past year I’ve written about my training during both track and cross country, the somewhat dull months of the off-season, my goals for becoming a better runner and overall person, what keeps me motivated, the influence of running in my life, various baked goods I’ve experimented with, trying new things, sharing some of my experiences, and have had this blog turn into more than I could have ever imagined.

Of course for all that I’ve done, I owe it all to anyone and everyone who has ever read my ramblings. From the dedicated followers who read every single post without fail, to the people who randomly clicked on its link in hopes of something else coming up in their search. For that, I say THANK YOU! Putting down my thoughts about running and curious views on life have held me accountable to those things that I said I’d do, and given me more motivation than anything else. One other thing that I’ve found is that the blogging community is amazing. Everyone I’ve met has been so supportive, friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Their own journeys are just as inspirational as the support they offer on my own blog. To see the camaraderie between runners spread from local races to online blogs has surprised me, but I’ve welcomed it all the same.

After one frusturating year of running and blogging, I’d like to say something to the those who:

  • Have read my blog from other countries: Thank you! Muchas gracias! Kiitos! Merci! Obrigado! Grazie! Danke!
  • Are my family and friends: you guys read every blog and yet you talk to me nearly everyday and know me inside and out. Thank you for putting up with my rants, complaints, and silly rambling both in person and through my posts! You guys are the best.
  • Found my blog on WordPress and follow me: Thank you for taking the time to find my blog, get to know me, and take enough interest to read my posts. It means so much!
  • We’ve met a few times, but don’t talk very much: The fact that you read my blog means more than you know so thank you for that! I’ve come across some of you who have surprised me by referencing my blogs or commenting on them. I hope I can get to know some of you better since you have already gotten to know me!
  • Clicked on my blog by accident: Thank you! Even if you never read it, the amount of views on my blog went up just from your search! If anything, those increased views have given me more confidence in my blogging than anything. And if you actually ended up liking my blog, then awesome! Thank you again.
  • Just found out I had a blog: Only a year late, no worries! Thanks for being curious enough to see what’s it’s all about!

My life is in a good place. My training is going well, I have a positive attitude, and life is great in all of its other aspects. I have the best family and group of friends that I could ask for, school is going well, and I’m looking forward to the future and what’s in store for me. Looking at life as a whole, blogging is now a part of who I am and what I do. Where it will go, I have no clue. For now, I’m happy to celebrate one crazy, tiring, rewarding, and frusturating year. Here’s to what’s next!

Until next time,


Pre. He’ll always be one of the most inspirational running stories out there.



2 thoughts on “One frusturating year.

  1. Happy anniversary, Gabby! What draws me to your posts is your ability to express your love for running – even through the tough times. You’re very inspirational and you make ME love running all the more!

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