That girl.

“I love the moments that I can take a step back from everything and look at my life as a whole. To appreciate all of the wonderful people, take pride in my accomplishments, and still be able to remain inexplicably happy with all of my faults and insecurities. To enjoy the simple things that may seem unimportant, but add up to create something beautiful. To take something positive from each day that goes by, no matter how bad it may seem at first. These are the moments that define our lives. Have you had yours today?”


I shared this on Facebook the other day only to receive an overwhelming amount of “likes.” Apparently the random thoughts that come to me on runs appeal to more people than I realize! At first, I thought it was more blog worthy than anything, but was having such a great day (and for no special reason!) that I decided to be that girl who posts on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, FB posts are okay sometimes, but multiple times everyday? No thanks. Just because you can post whenever you want, doesn’t mean you should. As in just don’t post. Please and thank you from every other annoyed person on FB having to read about you complain about your life or hear about every little thing you do. Okay, sorry about that. Ended up ranting a bit longer than meant to, but c’mon. Someone had to say it! Let’s move on, hmm?

The other day my dad had someone do a job shadow with him at the fire department. They were a senior and just in making conversation, my dad asked if the boy knew who I was.

“She’s the tall girl with short curly hair who runs a lot, right?”

That’s how I was described. Tall girl with curly hair who runs a lot. The truth in that made me laugh when my dad told me about it the next day. His obvious response was, “Yepp, that’s her.” Looking back on how I was described by someone other than my friends made me think. The boy who did the job shadow was someone who I haven’t ever talked to, or visa versa. That being so, he still was able to describe me. I’m pretty tall, about 5’10”, I do have short curly hair, and I suppose I run a lot. Only everyday around our little town for the past 4 years. Pshhhh. Either way, apparently my actions have made me that girl. That girl who people know their name, but not the actual person. That girl who people see running all the time through time and sometimes honk or wave at. That girl everyone thinks is a little bit crazy, and only some get to know.

I’m okay with being that girl. I love my curly hair, running, and although I sometimes wish I was a bit shorter, being tall. There are worse ways to be described by those you don’t know. I could’ve been described as “that tall girl who has a haircut like a boy and is crazy for running all the time.” I mean, that’s how I would describe myself … But for all the ways I could be described, I’m happy with how I am. Like my post of FB so blatantly told the world, I love where I’m at in life. The people who don’t know me or my personality may just think I’m that girl who runs all the time, but I like to think that I’m more than just a teenage girl training for the upcoming track season. I like to think that I’m a runner who loves what she does and even though she might be a little different, is more interesting and involved with aspects of her life than only running.

That_girl_originalSo in closing, yes. Yes, I am that girl.

That girl who’s tall, has short curly hair, and runs a lot.

And I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.



Until next time,


And if you already run? Then you know exactly what I mean.




4 thoughts on “That girl.

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you’re so content with who you are. Most people in high school have serious self-confidence issues (or was that just me….). My daughter, although a little younger, is just as secure with herself. It’s a good thing!
    Have to agree with you on the FB issue. Sometimes my pages are full of nonsense posts from the SAME person. I guess I balance it out by rarely posting anything. :)

    • Thank you! I credit my growing confidence to my focus on having a more positive attitude. Looking back even in the past few months, I can tell adifference in myself! :-) Confident kids must get it from older role models … their awesome parents! You daughter and I are proof! :-)

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