Grab Bag.

Hodgepodge, mish mash, potpourri, goulash, conglomeration.

So many fun words to describe “an assortment of miscellaneous items.” From the much longer list of synonyms for a combination or mixture, I chose the word grab bag for this blog’s title. Not to mention that this is the first in a series of grab bag posts that I’ll be starting! My one-year anniversary for blogging is coming up and I wanted to try something new! Among other things …

I'm guilty of doing this on multiple occasions ... oops!

I’m guilty of doing this on multiple occasions … oops!

The idea to start a series of blog posts came to me on my run earlier. Well actually, I spent a majority of it pouring over other ideas for tonight’s post, but came up with a new idea in the process. There are the bloggers that challenge themselves to blog everyday for a whole year, others who do WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday), the daily blogger who always has an interesting topic whether it’s what they’re wearing that day or even simple chores around the house. then of course there’s the random blog you decided to follow just because the person has such an enticing personality that has you crack up laughing at every post. Either way, I wanted to jump on that bandwagon of being more interesting or “trendy”, and was inspired by a childhood memory.

Back when I was younger (okay, single-digits since I’m still not that old!) the dentist would always offer me to choose a prize from a treasure box if I had a good checkup. Since they loved the fact that I laid there quietly and didn’t resist anything during the appointment, they told me I was a “wonderful patient.” That being so, I always got to pick something from the treasure box before leaving. This prize made me excited for the next appointment, as I left wondering what I’d be able to pick from the next time.

This is what the treasure box seemed like when I was like 6 ...

This is what the treasure box seemed like when I was like 6 …

While this “treasure box of ideas” idea came to me and sounded good at the time, I realized something much more important. Not all of the ideas I have for my blogs are quite what you would call “treasure.” Most of them are generic and just like every other running blog. This is a stereotype I’d like to think I stray from and because of that, strive make my blog somewhat unique. and more fitting to my own personality. I have so many things I’d like to blog about, and on days that I want to blog but can’t figure out what to write about, I figured out a backup plan. So, lucky reader, instead of long ranting posts about how my day was so tiring or how school is so stressful, I’ve written down all of these great ideas I think of … and made a grab bag.

Okay, so it’s more of a jar, but each idea that I’d like to write about, I’ll jot it down and put in the jar. The days that I don’t have a solid idea for a blog, I’ll simply pick out one of the ripped construction paper pieces and tada! A random, but new and exciting blog from yours truly. Of course this is a running blog, so most posts will pertain to running … but at the dentists’ office all those years ago, did every one of treasure box prizes have to do with teeth? Not quite. ;-)

Until next time,


P.S: The past two weeks have been going great running-wise! More on that later though. :-)



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