Of studying & surprises.

I have three simple letters for you: SAT. Oh, and one more? Ugh.

Over the past few days, I’ve received my PSAT scores from earlier this fall and have gotten a start on some much-needed studying for the official SAT that I’ll take in January. Out of the 6 or 7 schools that I have on my “I’d like to go here!” list … all of them have higher SAT average scores than my PSAT scores translate into. Forget using the two weeks of Christmas break for hanging out with friends! I’ll be locked in our office with Fuji apples, peanut butter, Michael Buble’s Pandora station playing, and my nearly 3 inch thick SAT study guide-book. Woo.

I feel like this is gonna be me …

Academia aside, running has been going well this week since my recent milestone. The past few days have been cold, rainy, and overall just cold. I guess I should mention that on Tuesday morning, all of Western Washington woke up to snow and ice. Sure saying that I hate snow a week before Christmas will get me some rolled eyes and mean responses like, “Where’s your spirit?”, but I’m not a fan. It’s beautiful to watch from inside when you’re curled up on the couch and warm, but as a lot of you know already, wrapped up in multiple layers and doing all you can to avoid slipping for an entire run, does not make me real happy to have the snow around. Of course, I won’t lie and say that I didn’t enjoy getting to sleep in a little bit after my school was delayed.
Even though the first official day of winter is on Friday, looking outside the past few days … it is definitely winter weather. Which means my motivation to go and run the mileage that I’d like to is at an all-time low. For some reason it’s just so hard to get myself to be excited for a 6 mile run in the sideways rain/snow/hail mix after a long, boring day at school. All in all, I haven’t been as positive as I should be the past few days. With my finals through, SAT studying to do, and plans to hangout with friends set for the holidays, all I want now is to relax and be with my family. Is that too much to ask?

Regardless of my complaints and ranting of the past few days, there are still some positives (as there always are, but I sometimes fail to look for!). Tomorrow morning, crossing our fingers that the weather doesn’t act up through the night, my IMS class is taking a trip up to Seattle. IMS stands for “Intro to Medical Sciences” and that being so, we’re heading up to the University of Washington’s Medical Center. Can’t wait!xmas_2012_web-large

Another positive? Or more so one that turned my “eh” day into a great one? My Coach gave me my Christmas present. Every year he gets some of us kids something, and this year’s was awesome. A box of z-bars, socks, and a Kenya track & field shirt? He knows me too well. :-) I might’ve mentioned it before, but my coach and I are really close. Beside the track and cross country seasons, we run together year round both in off-season training and during Munga.  We have a relationship I wouldn’t trade for the world! He is more family to me than anything and I love him to death. Thanks “Uncle James!”

Ending the day with a somewhat fun (if not wet and cold) run, lifting weights with my coach, and getting to come home and relax, has been nice. Not to mention that I’m in a lot better mood! Tomorrow’s tour should be interesting and as it’s Thursday, my favorite day of the week, how can it not be a good day? Definitely if the world is supposed to end on Friday, being the 21st an all.


I hope you all are having a great week (hopefully with better weather than here in WA!) and enjoy the holidays! :-)

Until next time,


And not just a run. Rain, maybe? Welcome to Washington.




One thought on “Of studying & surprises.

  1. I’ve run in the cold quite a few times already, but have yet to have to run through snow and ice. Be careful out there!
    What great gifts from your coach! Sounds like he’s a great guy!
    Good luck with all your studying and hope you were able to get up to Seattle!

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