1000 miles.

1609.34 km. 868.976 nautical miles. 10,000 city blocks.
Friday was the day. After 6 months and 13 days of running, I finally hit the big one-triple-oh.

I keep a running log and start tracking my mileage on June 1st every year. Since June 1st of this year, I hit 1000 miles halfway through my run on Friday. WOOHOO!! I’ve kept a running log for the past three years and can’t even say how much it’s helped my training. Sometimes it’s fun just to sit down and read about past runs and workouts to remember all the crazy things that have happened!

Thinking that I’ve come close to hitting 2,000 the past two years, I went back and checked my totals. Yeahhhh, not quite. I can’t believe what I found and how much I’m running compared to years past! It doesn’t feel like I’ve run that much more, but I guess running so much makes you forget. ;-)

6/1/10 — 6/1/11 = 1,076.9 miles

6/1/11 — 6/1/12 = 1,355.6 miles

6/1/12 — 12/16/12 = 1,003.5 miles

HOW!? I’m actually kind of in awe right now. To think I got injured last fall and I wasn’t running even close to what I am now! The thing that really blows me away is that in an entire year, I ran the equivalent of what I’ll hit in the next month. 12 months of mileage in a measly 7. This summer is when I got most of my mileage while running two-a-days, but the cross country season was full of high mileage weeks as well. Here’s a bit of a re-cap of the last 1000 miles if you weren’t able to run alongside for a few … ;-)

010Mountain_Run224528573_424103947641832_1073899874_nOcosta Invite - XC 2012 009dakotaDistricts 2012 030527424_457649407620619_2043783004_n

I can’t say that the past 6 months have been long, hard, grueling even … but they’ve also been some of the most exciting, challenging, and most rewarding miles that I’ve covered. I’ve run so many new places, met some really cool people, and am becoming more and more of a lifelong runner with every step. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring with the rest of the off-season and track around the corner. Year-round training might seem like a lot, but I’m a runner and it’s just what I do. It’s a lifestyle. Milestones like this make me proud of what I’ve accomplished, and proud of what I’ve become through running. Not only as an athlete, but all the other changes in my life. My family, teammates, friends, coach, and even this blog have made running so much more special to me. I wouldn’t have been able to reach such high of goals that I set for myself, make it through the cold, rainy, miserable runs, or gain the motivation for the days I didn’t want to run without the support system that I have. So a huge thank you to you all!! Now off to hit the big 2,000 mark …


Until next time,





This is my favorite quote that I’ve come across. I love it. ♥ Not to mention it seemed relevant for today’s post!



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