Keep on Truckin’.

It feels like it’s been a long week, but at the same time … it’s already Friday!? Even with cross country out-of-the-way, I’m still as busy as ever. Meets have been replaced by having to play at basketball games for band, Saturday invites have become another band function, and daily practices? Well, I guess I still run everyday after school so nothing has changed there! Tomorrow is the city of Montesano’s Festival of Lights parade. It happens every winter near the beginning of December, and rain or shine … I get to march with the band. Of course it’s Washington, so it will be pouring down rain as we march through the streets. Supposed to be cold, too! So excited. But at least the fire department has a chowder feed before I have to go march … there’s always a positive!

These are our marching uniforms. Aren't we cute!?

These are our marching uniforms. Aren’t we cute!?

Since last weekend I took two days off and didn’t get to enjoy my usual Saturday long run, tomorrow I plan on waking bright an early to get in a 7 miler. The past four weeks, I’ve been trying to come back slowly and gradually start running the mileage I was before cross country during the off-season. That being so, this will be my farthest run in over a month. Crazy stuff! I’m excited to get back into good enough shape to start running some of the runs I haven’t been able to do though.

One of the things I really wanted to share was what kept me going on a tough run the other day … one of the football cheerleaders’ cheers. For some reason I got it stuck in my head and like a mantra, it pushed me to finish my run strong and put me in a good mood no matter the horrible weather I had to run in. My chin went numb from the cold, and even though I wore layers and a hat, I was soaked. Again, have to love Washington weather sometimes! Anyway, here’s the cheer that kept me going and even today, is still stuck in my head. Feel free to say it out loud, too! Sure, you might get a few weird looks, but oh well. ;-)


T – R – U


T – R – U – C – K


From there, you repeat the cheer as many times as you want. For me? I chanted this out loud and in my head for a good 2.5 miles or so. It made for a good end to my run and when I finally got done, I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly it all was! Just a typical run in the life of Gabby for you. ;-)

Today was a half-day at school, and we had our talent show for an hour of the four we were there. Talk about a pointless day! You won’t hear me complaining though! I’m going to use the rest of my day (and the short break we’re having from the rain!) to go for a short run, lift some weights, and get ready for Boys’ Buff Volleyball tonight. A bunch of  uncoordinated high school guys in weird outfits attempting to play volleyball as a fundraiser for Foodbowl? Sounds good to me!

I hope you all have a good rest of your Friday and a great weekend!

Keep on truckin’!

feeling of running

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4 thoughts on “Keep on Truckin’.

  1. It’s been calm with the rain lately! It’s been nice!! I totally don’t remember figuring out you were in Washington!! I have been dying to find other WA bloggers!! I love your running mantra! HA!

    • Haha I was excited when you kept mentioning Washington in your posts and even more when you mentioned Oly! Too cool. :-) Ddin’t know of any other bloggers locally!
      Haha my mantra before ahs always been “earn it” but I think the cheerleaders might be onto something. ;-)

  2. I was in high school 25 years ago. You shoulda seen MY band uniform. :/
    Hope you were able to get your 7-miler in on Saturday. I actually ran 10.5 on Saturday. My longest ever. I’m working toward a half-marathon in April so I’ve been trying to get in a few at least an 8-miler every week and once in a while I strive for a few miles more. Not sure I want to do 13.1 until that day, though. We’ll see.
    I enjoy running in the cold, but it seems like you have to run in the cold and the rain so often! I suppose you’re ‘used’ to it, but it still must be hard.
    Boys Buff Volleyball…. sounds fun! :)

    • Haha our uniforms really aren’t that bad, just uncomfortable after awhile!
      Sounds like a great long run and WOW! yours definitley was long, haha. I was able to find a good 7 mile route and pull through, thank you. Sounds like you are on the right track with your mileage for a half-marathon. Way to go! That’s awesome. :-) I’m thinking about maybe doing a half-marathon after I graduate, but we’ll see! Maybe I’ll wait til you run yours and you’ll have to let me know how it goes. :-)
      Washington winters are pretty cold and wet, it’s true. Wish I wasn’t used to it!! Haha still isn’t fun though.
      Boys’ Buff Volleyball was very fun to watch and hilarious! :-)
      Hope all is well!

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