Of studying & surprises.

I have three simple letters for you: SAT. Oh, and one more? Ugh.

Over the past few days, I’ve received my PSAT scores from earlier this fall and have gotten a start on some much-needed studying for the official SAT that I’ll take in January. Out of the 6 or 7 schools that I have on my “I’d like to go here!” list … all of them have higher SAT average scores than my PSAT scores translate into. Forget using the two weeks of Christmas break for hanging out with friends! I’ll be locked in our office with Fuji apples, peanut butter, Michael Buble’s Pandora station playing, and my nearly 3 inch thick SAT study guide-book. Woo.

I feel like this is gonna be me …

Academia aside, running has been going well this week since my recent milestone. The past few days have been cold, rainy, and overall just cold. I guess I should mention that on Tuesday morning, all of Western Washington woke up to snow and ice. Sure saying that I hate snow a week before Christmas will get me some rolled eyes and mean responses like, “Where’s your spirit?”, but I’m not a fan. It’s beautiful to watch from inside when you’re curled up on the couch and warm, but as a lot of you know already, wrapped up in multiple layers and doing all you can to avoid slipping for an entire run, does not make me real happy to have the snow around. Of course, I won’t lie and say that I didn’t enjoy getting to sleep in a little bit after my school was delayed.
Even though the first official day of winter is on Friday, looking outside the past few days … it is definitely winter weather. Which means my motivation to go and run the mileage that I’d like to is at an all-time low. For some reason it’s just so hard to get myself to be excited for a 6 mile run in the sideways rain/snow/hail mix after a long, boring day at school. All in all, I haven’t been as positive as I should be the past few days. With my finals through, SAT studying to do, and plans to hangout with friends set for the holidays, all I want now is to relax and be with my family. Is that too much to ask?

Regardless of my complaints and ranting of the past few days, there are still some positives (as there always are, but I sometimes fail to look for!). Tomorrow morning, crossing our fingers that the weather doesn’t act up through the night, my IMS class is taking a trip up to Seattle. IMS stands for “Intro to Medical Sciences” and that being so, we’re heading up to the University of Washington’s Medical Center. Can’t wait!xmas_2012_web-large

Another positive? Or more so one that turned my “eh” day into a great one? My Coach gave me my Christmas present. Every year he gets some of us kids something, and this year’s was awesome. A box of z-bars, socks, and a Kenya track & field shirt? He knows me too well. :-) I might’ve mentioned it before, but my coach and I are really close. Beside the track and cross country seasons, we run together year round both in off-season training and during Munga.  We have a relationship I wouldn’t trade for the world! He is more family to me than anything and I love him to death. Thanks “Uncle James!”

Ending the day with a somewhat fun (if not wet and cold) run, lifting weights with my coach, and getting to come home and relax, has been nice. Not to mention that I’m in a lot better mood! Tomorrow’s tour should be interesting and as it’s Thursday, my favorite day of the week, how can it not be a good day? Definitely if the world is supposed to end on Friday, being the 21st an all.


I hope you all are having a great week (hopefully with better weather than here in WA!) and enjoy the holidays! :-)

Until next time,


And not just a run. Rain, maybe? Welcome to Washington.




1000 miles.

1609.34 km. 868.976 nautical miles. 10,000 city blocks.
Friday was the day. After 6 months and 13 days of running, I finally hit the big one-triple-oh.

I keep a running log and start tracking my mileage on June 1st every year. Since June 1st of this year, I hit 1000 miles halfway through my run on Friday. WOOHOO!! I’ve kept a running log for the past three years and can’t even say how much it’s helped my training. Sometimes it’s fun just to sit down and read about past runs and workouts to remember all the crazy things that have happened!

Thinking that I’ve come close to hitting 2,000 the past two years, I went back and checked my totals. Yeahhhh, not quite. I can’t believe what I found and how much I’m running compared to years past! It doesn’t feel like I’ve run that much more, but I guess running so much makes you forget. ;-)

6/1/10 — 6/1/11 = 1,076.9 miles

6/1/11 — 6/1/12 = 1,355.6 miles

6/1/12 — 12/16/12 = 1,003.5 miles

HOW!? I’m actually kind of in awe right now. To think I got injured last fall and I wasn’t running even close to what I am now! The thing that really blows me away is that in an entire year, I ran the equivalent of what I’ll hit in the next month. 12 months of mileage in a measly 7. This summer is when I got most of my mileage while running two-a-days, but the cross country season was full of high mileage weeks as well. Here’s a bit of a re-cap of the last 1000 miles if you weren’t able to run alongside for a few … ;-)

010Mountain_Run224528573_424103947641832_1073899874_nOcosta Invite - XC 2012 009dakotaDistricts 2012 030527424_457649407620619_2043783004_n

I can’t say that the past 6 months have been long, hard, grueling even … but they’ve also been some of the most exciting, challenging, and most rewarding miles that I’ve covered. I’ve run so many new places, met some really cool people, and am becoming more and more of a lifelong runner with every step. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring with the rest of the off-season and track around the corner. Year-round training might seem like a lot, but I’m a runner and it’s just what I do. It’s a lifestyle. Milestones like this make me proud of what I’ve accomplished, and proud of what I’ve become through running. Not only as an athlete, but all the other changes in my life. My family, teammates, friends, coach, and even this blog have made running so much more special to me. I wouldn’t have been able to reach such high of goals that I set for myself, make it through the cold, rainy, miserable runs, or gain the motivation for the days I didn’t want to run without the support system that I have. So a huge thank you to you all!! Now off to hit the big 2,000 mark …


Until next time,





This is my favorite quote that I’ve come across. I love it. ♥ Not to mention it seemed relevant for today’s post!


No Time Tuesday.

What a day.

As it always goes, I’ve been busy, but have been wanting to post. It’s only Tuesday and I’m already exhausted and ready for the weekend. Not to mention that it will be another jam-packed weekend at that! And of some reason I thought that the off-season would be relaxing and I’d have free time! Pshhhhh.

Since I’m apart of the Drama Club at our school and love to help out with anything drama-related, I mentioned to our instructor that I’d love to help with some of the plays going on this winter. Since auditions were during cross country, I had no time to get a part, but am happy with the decision I made not to  juggle running and drama rehearsals all at once. That being so, she’s put me to work. Even though I’m not on stage at rehearsals, I’ve been helping with the light board. Not the spot light, but the lights on the stage. It’s not too hard of a job for this set of plays, but with opening night on Friday, I only have this week to learn what all to do!

Drama practices making for a long week, last night I was at the school from 7:45 in the morning until 9 at night. After drama, I then had to play at the boys’ basketball game with the band. Today I was there from 8 to 6:45. Talk about a long two days! Of course today was a bit easier since I wasn’t actually at school, but a knowledge bowl meet. My team was missing a member so we just had fun and didn’t worry so much about being competitive. It was definitely one of the most fun days I’ve had with some of my friends. They are the best! Overall for all of my school’s teams, one of our senior teams came out in second out of all the Montesano and other schools’ teams combined. Not a great placing, but not bad, my team ended up ninth. Not too shabby for missing a teammate, actually!


This is totally my friends and I! No shame.

On top of a knowledge bowl meet, drama practice, and my general running … today was also one of my good friend’s birthdays. Since I had been working on his present for a while now and had kept it a secret, I was over-the-top excited to give it to him. Seeing that he liked it was the best thing ever. I love doing things for my friends and knowing that he liked it, totally made my day. Not to mention that I could finally relax and drop all stress and worries I’d been having about him liking my gift! If nothing else, it was a great day for an awesome guy.

Woah. This post has had absolutely nothing to do with running … oops. Sometimes I forget a little bit about this blog being created to share my running and spill my life all over it. Oh well, that’s a blogger for you! I promise to post running updates later this week though. I have big milestone coming up that I can’t wait to share! Keep any eye out. :-)

Hope you all are having a great start to your week!


Until next time,


Keep on Truckin’.

It feels like it’s been a long week, but at the same time … it’s already Friday!? Even with cross country out-of-the-way, I’m still as busy as ever. Meets have been replaced by having to play at basketball games for band, Saturday invites have become another band function, and daily practices? Well, I guess I still run everyday after school so nothing has changed there! Tomorrow is the city of Montesano’s Festival of Lights parade. It happens every winter near the beginning of December, and rain or shine … I get to march with the band. Of course it’s Washington, so it will be pouring down rain as we march through the streets. Supposed to be cold, too! So excited. But at least the fire department has a chowder feed before I have to go march … there’s always a positive!

These are our marching uniforms. Aren't we cute!?

These are our marching uniforms. Aren’t we cute!?

Since last weekend I took two days off and didn’t get to enjoy my usual Saturday long run, tomorrow I plan on waking bright an early to get in a 7 miler. The past four weeks, I’ve been trying to come back slowly and gradually start running the mileage I was before cross country during the off-season. That being so, this will be my farthest run in over a month. Crazy stuff! I’m excited to get back into good enough shape to start running some of the runs I haven’t been able to do though.

One of the things I really wanted to share was what kept me going on a tough run the other day … one of the football cheerleaders’ cheers. For some reason I got it stuck in my head and like a mantra, it pushed me to finish my run strong and put me in a good mood no matter the horrible weather I had to run in. My chin went numb from the cold, and even though I wore layers and a hat, I was soaked. Again, have to love Washington weather sometimes! Anyway, here’s the cheer that kept me going and even today, is still stuck in my head. Feel free to say it out loud, too! Sure, you might get a few weird looks, but oh well. ;-)


T – R – U


T – R – U – C – K


From there, you repeat the cheer as many times as you want. For me? I chanted this out loud and in my head for a good 2.5 miles or so. It made for a good end to my run and when I finally got done, I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly it all was! Just a typical run in the life of Gabby for you. ;-)

Today was a half-day at school, and we had our talent show for an hour of the four we were there. Talk about a pointless day! You won’t hear me complaining though! I’m going to use the rest of my day (and the short break we’re having from the rain!) to go for a short run, lift some weights, and get ready for Boys’ Buff Volleyball tonight. A bunch of  uncoordinated high school guys in weird outfits attempting to play volleyball as a fundraiser for Foodbowl? Sounds good to me!

I hope you all have a good rest of your Friday and a great weekend!

Keep on truckin’!

feeling of running

Until next time,


Of mud puddles & best friends.

*Ahem …


Before I say anything else, I wanted to update you on my high school’s football team. Just want to give a huge shout out to them for winning the 1A State Championship game on Saturday! Woohoo! It was an absolutely awesome game to watch and so much sweeter that it ended in a win for my Bulldogs! They deserve this win so much and I can’t even begin to explain how much it means to the community. Al I can say, is that Montesano is a pretty great place to be lately. :-)

With a championship game to watch, my weekend involved just that! I also had time to get together with my partner in crime Andrea, have late night adventures, help out the community food bank through picking up paper bags of food with my school during what we call “Foodbowl”, and plenty of time to relax. With such horrible, rainy weather lately, nothing was better than sitting inside with some of my friends after being outside and drinking hot chocolate and watching clips about our football team on the news. Too cool.

As for running, I took the weekend off and enjoyed the laziness of it all. Screaming and cheering on a football team is hard work! My lungs got a workout somehow at least! While I don’t usually take two days off, I’ve decided to change my off-season training a little bit more. Instead of worrying about keeping a tight schedule and running perfect workouts everyday, I’m going to make it so every three weeks, I take a full two days off. This way, I won’t get as worn down from running and it hopefully will keep me in a better mood as I get grumpy about having to run the same routes everyday around town. It’s worth a shot!


With such rainy Washington weather lately, I made up my mind after school today that I had only one thing I wanted to accomplish during my run today … to get muddy. Seeing pictures of the Nike Cross Nationals race inspired me to run through each puddle that I came across in hopes of finishing my run mud streaked and looking like all the runners I saw pictures of. Ugh, so jealous.  This in mind, I headed off to run a trail (the muddiest I could think of!) only to get back to the high school and find my legs as clean as before I left. I suppose that proves just how wet it really was this afternoon! Time to pull out more of my leggings, long sleeves, and I’ll have to remember to have my shoe drier turned on for the next three months. Can’t say I didn’t miss the rain a little bit, but man … aren’t you supposed to run and then take a shower?

Oh, by the way … Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a good rest of your week!

Until next time,