The Terrible Twos.

Just how I feel! Two tired.
So punny. ;-)

Five miles of flat road, cold weather, and a busy mind. That was how I spent my afternoon today! As far as Tuesdays go, I don’t mind them, seeing that they mean the week is almost halfway over. Now Mondays on the other hand? Not a fan. Going to bed a bit too late last night wasn’t a great start to my day, and while it’s gotten gradually better throughout, I’ve now come to realize that I definitely can not function with only seven hours of sleep. Seven hours = one tired, slightly grumpy, and non-focused Gabby. Instead of running alone today, I was supposed to run with one of my best friends and teammates, buuuuuut he ended up getting busy. Tired? Check. Running alone? Check. This Tuesday didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it might when I started the week with a rough plan for it all in my head. So far I’ve found myself with two legs, two hours, and too much to talk about.

My team’s “Winter Conditioning” hasn’t officially begun, and won’t start until January, so my off-season training until then is all up to me. This means that from 3 to 5 every afternoon, I’m free to run whatever route I want, at whatever speed, for however long, and am free to make my own training. Slight problem with all of that … running alone all the time isn’t my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I love my solo runs and there’s some days that I’d rather be alone, but the off-season is also when I love to run with others and I’ve made it my goal to do so this winter.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much as my friend who wasn’t able to run today is coming along tomorrow and one of the younger girls I run with is sick right now, but hmmm. Could’ve used a running partner today! I might’ve been tired, but was still in a good mood before my run and have a lot to catch up on with my friends. How frusturating.

As for my actual run? Five simple miles, that’s all. Since I’ve gotten back to running, I’ve been sure to ease back into the mileage I was running before. With this safe and smart plan in mind, I’ve been filling my runner’s log with various three and four milers. Somewhat different from the seven and eight mile runs I was used to doing during the summer! Either way, the lazy week I took from running after the cross country season ended at the beginning of the month is slowly wearing off, and I’m starting to feel like a runner again. That is, instead of some awkward wanna-be that I’ve been feeling like the past few weeks as I’ve come to remember the feeling of sore muscles and being short of breath from pure inactivity. Two weeks back into running, two days into a new week, and two hours more before I can relax. Chores, eating dinner, and homework all call my name. Not to mention getting some good sleep tonight! The terrible twos that Tuesday threw towards this thoughtful day have made it a day sure to pass by in the excitement near the end of the week, but still a good day nonetheless. With that bit of alliteration and thoughtful wittiness on my part, I’m off to enjoy my night. Hopefully the rest of the week is more eventful and a lot less twos. :-)

Sidenote: In my last post, I gave a shout out to my high school’s football team for a great season and to pass on good luck for their state semi-final game that was on Saturday. I’m pleased to add that WE WON on Saturday and are onto the state championship finals next Saturday for the first time since 1994. Not to mention that the last state title our football won was in 1994 against the very same team we’re playing this weekend. It should be interesting, that’s for sure. Good luck again to my school! It has been a long, hard season for not only the team, but the entire community, and I’m so proud to be a Bulldog. Go get ’em!



Until next time,


I love love love this! It’s so true and for right now at least, so relatable.



4 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos.

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts. You inspire me. Not to run but to keep going in everything I do to be fit and stay fit! Isn’t it funny how just two maybe even one week of inactivity can take you back to like you’ve never been running in your life! I guess it is the same with all activities. The body just gets a little tooooo comfortable with itself! lol Nice post.

    • Thank you so so much. Your comment really means a lot! :-)
      And as for taking a week off? Man! It’s already been 3 weeks back to running, and I still don’t feel back to where I was! Ah, that’s running for you. :-)
      Hope all is well!

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