Bulldog Pride.

Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy the day with plenty of good food, and good company. My parents and I made our way up to visit my grandparents and had a great trip! As for the rest of the week, I’ve been meaning to post, but (of course) have gotten busy. For this post, I wanted to take a bit of a detour from my general running updates and focus more on who I run for. And by that I don’t mean for my own sanity. ;-)

Last Saturday, my high school’s football team played against the number one ranked team in the 1A state division. After an unexpected win the weekend before and going up against the previous years’ state champions, we were the underdogs. Nevertheless, halftime was upon us that night with a Bulldog lead shown on the scoreboard. The game came down to an intense finish with my team coming out on top in a 17 – 7 win. Woohoo! It might’ve been the most intense game I’ve ever seen and was a total upset at that! Of course last year when we made it to the semi-finals, we played into triple overtime until a disappointing loss. The game was loud. The whole Montesano community and local county were there to support our team. We’ve been through a lot the past year, been on the news too many times, and the win last weekend was much-needed by everyone.

Rather than explain it myself, I came across a link to the local news on our game. As a student of the highschool and having strong ties to the community through running, volunteering, and having lived here for the past seven years … this clip puts a smile on my face and is heart-warming in the support we’ve received.


(Sorry! Even after multiple help videos and articles, I couldn’t figure out how to embed a video on here.)

The news clip helped my realize, alongside my sore throat from yelling so much that night, how proud I am of my football team, community, and to be a Bulldog. I thought it would only be fair to support the rest of the athletes who practice through the fall as well as cheer on those same people who I pass in the hall and share classes with. Tomorrow, the Bulldogs play Mount Baker in the state semi-finals. The semi-finals are held in the Tacoma Dome and if we win? We’re into the finals with the chance to win a state championship. Montesano hasn’t won a state a title since 1994, as the newscaster said, but this year? I think there’s a really good chance. So with that, go get ’em dogs! We’re all behind you!

Until next time,



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