Off to state!

I hope you all had a great weekend and your that your Monday has been a great start to the new week. Before I say anything about my day today, I figured that I should share the totally awesome news from this Saturday.

We’re ALL going to state!

As in out of the 9 of us that ran at Saturday, all 9 of us are going on to race in Pasco this coming Saturday at the 1A State Championships! I am so proud of my team and so excited for this weekend. The boy’s team ended up placing 3rd and secured their passage to state, as the top 5 teams went on. They weren’t able to defend their district title, but all ran great races and I’m sure they will run even better at state.

At the starting line in our famous striped jerseys and together after the race.

As you can kind of tell, it was a wet day in western Washington. The muddy, slippery, cold, and wet conditions were no challenge for our boys though!

As for the girls, only 2 of us ran the District race. Our senior and third girl ended up with a stress fracture late last week in her ankle, and has been on crutches with running put out of the question. Despite the horrible weather and having to crutch around, she still came to support us. Once you’re apart of the team, you’re apart of our family no matter what. Luckily, Andrea and I were still able to get a picture with her after our race. Even though we were soaking, not ready for the picture, and totally exhausted … I have to say, we’re a pretty good-looking girls’ team. ;-)

Andrea ran a season PR and finished 6th, also qualifying for state. No surprise there though! She is a great runner and even greater teammate! Love that girl so much. After our race, we were able to change and keep somewhat warm and dry while watching the boys race. Being responsible, we also ran a cooldown. When we got back, instead of heading over to the awards ceremony for our race, we snacked and congratulated the boys on their race. We totally forgot all about it. Oops! By the time we got over to the awards area, our coach gave us an annoyed look and told us to grab our awards for our separate picture. The top 25 girls that advanced to state all received a medal. We did too, just … a few minutes later. :-)

Overall, Saturday was an awesome day. Despite the cold weather and slick conditions, everyone ran great races. After packing back onto the bus, we decided to finish the day off together and had a team night at our coach’s house. Pizza, pool, fantasy teams, and nostalgic junior high photos made for a good night. Anytime with my team is always a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my Saturday. We are all going to state and I’m so excited to finish out the rest of my season with some of the coolest people and runners that I know. Until we leave Thursday for Pasco, we still have a few normal practices left in the season. We might have made it to state, but putting in the hard work doesn’t end there. Individually and as a team, we still have a lot to prove.

Oh, and one more thing?

This is my friend and teammate “Kevin.”

As you can see from the State Track & Field sweatshirt, he’s kind of totally a running stud. Not to mention that he’s holding up a #1 because he is number one! “Kevin” won on Saturday with a big PR and is headed into next weekend ranked 10th in the state. With a League and District title behind him, I can’t wait to see how he’ll finish the season in his senior year. Not only is he a great runner, but an awesome teammate and friend. He works hard and gives 100% at every practice along with being supportive and positive of everyone around him. I’ve been lucky enough to run with him these past two years that he’s been on the team and don’t know what I’d do without him. As someone once told me, “Don’t worry about the little things.” Kevin and our other seniors leaving the cross country team may seem like a big change, but with state around the corner and all the good things that have come out of this year already, this seemingly big thing is small in comparison.

So with that, congratulations to our District champion, boys team overall, and of course, Andrea. :-)

State 2012, here we come. 

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Off to state!

  1. That’s not me,what kind of moron wears basketball shorts in the rain? That dude is ranked 14th, not 10th, he’s a pushover!!!!!! And you’re raising a #1 too, doesn’t that mean that you are a district champion? It’s ok to talk about your own PR and race on your OWN BLOG!!!!!!

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