Welcome back to Washington.

“I like the rain, actually.”

Well if Bill Rodgers likes the rain, then I suppose I should too. The past few days have been wet. As in non-stop, windy, pouring, sound of rain on the roof wet. Welcome back to Washington, rain. We’ve missed you. Or at least some of us have.

In honor of Columbus Day, we had no school Friday.Instead of sleeping in, I was up early baking for a cross country bake sale that we had on Saturday. I made my specialty: Molasses cookies. Also, since I was feeling extra creative, I tied ribbons around each package to incorporate our school colors. After two hours of hard work, I’m proud to say that they were one of my best batches and that they looked pretty cute, too! If any of you are interested in getting ahold of the recipe, just let me know. They are delicious!


 As for the rest of my day off, I spent it getting ready for all of the Homecoming festivities that start-up tomorrow. With a week before the dance, one of my very wonderful and gifted friends, did my hair on a last trial run through before the actual day of the dance. With everything coming together for next weekend, I’m even more excited to get dressed up and spend the night with such an awesome date and good friends.

Of course a day of school means no practice, right? Oh, no. It means 5 x 1000s in the rain, the day after a race, to work on lactic acid build-up in our legs. I can honestly say that the workout did what it was supposed to after returning home with squishy shoes, tired legs, and a team night ahead of me. Five pizzas, a bunch of board games, plenty of water and Powerade, a Wallace & Gromit episode, chocolate chunk brownies, long car rides out to the middles of nowhere, and nine teenage runners all combined to make a good night. I was exhausted from the workout and would rather have passed out on my couch at 8:30, but I love my team and it was a fun night.

This weekend had been just as exciting as the busy day I had Friday. A four-hour shift at our bake sale, a long run in the rain, hallway decorating with my Junior class, and plenty of downtime to just sit and relax. This coming week is sure to be crazy as it’s Homecoming week. Assemblies for court, last-minute planning for the dance, a parade in the rain, dressing up for the theme each day, and everything else building up to Friday night’s football game. Not to mention that we have our League meet this Thursday. That might be important to remember. 

Until then, I’m going to enjoy the rain in all the waterlogged and squishy shoes that it makes, calming sound on the roof, and general storm that western Washington is having right now. I think that having two months without rain has made my boot dryer lonely as I haven’t had to use it. Welcome back to long sleeves, hats, and extra clothes! I missed the rain. I like it, actually.

Do you like the rain? Any exciting plans for this week?

Until next time,



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