Hole in the Wall.

There’s no better way to express how the past few days have gone other than one word: crazy-wonderful-tiring-stressful-memorable. The hyphens make it all count as one word, right?

Race re-cap:

On Thursday, as I mentioned before, we had a local league meet. There were about five or so schools there that made for a quick meet around the two loop course. Seeing that we’ve raced there before, the course seemed just as bad as before with its wide-open paths, lack of shade, and one monster of a hill that we were lucky enough to get to run twice. It made me wish I was in Junior High again and only having to run one loop. Oh, those were the days. Personally, Idon’t feel like I ran a very good race and was dead tired from the start.  Regardless, I finished in a 20:04, just missing a sub-20 time. My other two teammates, feeling quite the same as I had, finished well to round off our three girl team we like to call the “Triple Threat”. Our boys dominated by going 1,2,5,9 in the top 10. We were all a bit sore from the day before after running sprint relays, but it was an overall good day for the team!

Saturday was a whole ‘nother story. As in an all day, 3 hour drive away, big kid meet, kind of story. By “big kid meet” I mean that there were schools from the larger classifications there. In Washington, the classifications go 1B/2B, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A. We’re 1A. Also, since the larger schools have a greater pool of runners to choose from (that’s my guess at least!), the times are faster. Like girls running sub-17 fast. Woah. Since we chose to come to this meet in order to run with more competition, instead of putting us in the Division 2 race, we were put in The Division 1 Varsity race. Meaning that yes. Yes, I ran in a race with several of the fastest girls in all of Washington. Not to mention that one of them is ranked #1 in the nation for cross country. Safe to say I didn’t see her at all during the race! Instead, I ran a 19:50 for 36th place. Not great, but not horrible. Consistent. Take that 3A and 4A girls! For the whole team there were a few PRs, a few bad races, and a total sense of awe in how large the meet was. I’d guess there were at least 500 runners total.

*Side note: As I mentioned, we had to travel pretty far to the meet and since my grandparents live so close, they were able to come see me run for the first time. I was bummed that I could only talk to them for a few minutes (and snagged a picture along the way) since I had to go warm-up, but am so happy they were there to see me run. They are the best and I love them oh-so much. My family is so supportive of me in everything that I do, I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Since we had to endure a 3 hour bus ride there and a longer 3.5 hours back due to traffic, we did what our team does best … bond. It was just the high schoolers that went to the meet, so the ten of us had plenty of space to stretch out in on the bus. during the meet we sang along with the loud speakers, danced with other teams, saw runners we’d only ever heard about, got called out on our cool uniforms, and ultimately stuck together through the long day. The race didn’t go as expected, but because of that, I think it made us closer. We win together and lose together whether there’s thirty of us or ten. From all the crazy things that happen at meets, to long bus rides full of football stats, tying shoes, “I Never”, exchanging iPods, cuddling, and so many other things … I love my team. ♥

Total weekend re-cap:

That brings us to today. Sunday, the day of rest. We didn’t get home from the meet too late last night so I was able to relax a little bit, but ended up being so exhausted that I was in bed by 9:30. Dang internal clock forgot it was the weekend and I still woke up around 7. Oh well. My dad is on shift, so my mom and I made a date out of the beautiful day. Pshhh, who needs a boyfriend when you have your mom? Some quick errands, a walk around downtown Olympia, and an awesome lunch along the water. Perfect date and some much-needed time to relax after a stressful night and morning. Speaking of stress, people say retail therapy helps to cheer you up, right? Wrong! Okay … only a little bit.

In spite of being in such a bummed-out mood, these little guys made my day that much better. I love love love silver jewelry and have been wanting a new ring. All my rings have stories behind them and these little guys aren’t any different. Elephants symbolize good luck. Whether there’s two of them to mean good luck in love or relationships, I don’t know. I wear my rings everyday and this is a perfect reminder that things always get better. To cherish the “little things” and hope for the best. To work hard and enjoy the rewards. Maybe I’ve read into it more than just good luck, but oh well. Retail therapy ending in meaningful jewelry? Definite mood booster. If you’re not into spending money, go for a run! If it’s your rest day or you don’t run, wash a car or two. That’s what I used my evening for. Two hours later and my mom and I have glossy rims, sparkling cars … and I’ve had plenty of time to think. Perfect!

That’s all for now folks. The past four days have been busy and unforgettable in more ways than one. Part of me wishes that I could rewind and re-live the weekend, while another part of me wishes it were Monday already. Either way, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve learned a lot about my team and myself this weekend, which is something that I wonder what’s in store for this week … Hope you all had a good weekend and that you have a great week!

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any lucky charms or reminders?

Until next time,




4 thoughts on “Hole in the Wall.

    • Thank you so much! I just need to learn to be more patient and know that better races are ahead of me. :-) It was certainly good to see them, glad you know the feeling! Hope all is well!

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