1 hour.


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. No bueno. Sorry guys! I’m back in business now though so get ready to be caught up on the longest weekend of my life. No matter that I’m 16, it was a very long weekend. Long only because of how many memories were made and from having such a great time!

This weekend was the Three Course Challenge in Seaside, Oregon that my cross country team goes to every year. We drive down on Friday afternoon, spend the night in the barracks at Fort Rilea (where the race is held!), and drive back after the race. The race on Saturday morning attracts teams from Washington, Oregon, California, and even Hawaii! All totaled, there was about 3,000 runners from the Northwest there to compete and run through the famous mud pit. As a team, we don’t take the race too seriously, but focus on just having a good time and surviving the tough sand hills, hundreds of other runners, and overall tough course. The whole trip down to Seaside is my favorite part of the whole season and it really embodies what cross country is all about. Not to mention all of the great traditions and funny things that happen while spending over 24 hours with my team! So instead of wasting your time and having you read paragraph upon paragraph about how much fun I had, here are some of the pictures from the trip. Not to rub it in or anything.


After the 3 hour bus ride from Seaside, I quickly went home, showered, and was off to my friend’s house to catch up on some girl time. After such a long day, I felt as though Saturday had been split in two and the all that had happened earlier that morning was days past. After a long night of practicing hair styles for Homecoming, dancing around to Maroon 5 in front of her giant windows for all the neighbors to see, and conquering the world in our late night talks, we ended up getting a fair amount of sleep after fighting to stay awake until two. Waking up at nine, we made French Breakfast Puffs (which are the best things in the world! I’m now a puff believer), caught up on some Facebook stalking, and shared a cup of coffee before I had to head home. After yet another shower and a growing laundry pile, we were off again and headed to the Puyallup Fair for the final day and a Train concert that night. Picking up Andrea on the way, we made a day out of it and were able to get in some shopping, walk around the fair, see a horse show, and enjoy the many fair attractions before settling in for the concert. It was such an awesome concert with Andy Grammer and Matt Kearney opening, along the with the main act of Train that I can’t describe it in words … :-)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Sure, I was only home for an hour total and that was only to shower, but all the time I was away were the ones that made these past few days so memorable and exciting. I love my going down to Seaside with my team, no matter how tired I was to run the next day. Even with such a small group, we had a great time and bonded through things as simple as starting a conga line and playing duck-duck-goose. Going to see Train with two of my favorite people after a long night with one of my other closest friends was also a tiring, but amazing experience. I couldn’t ask for better people in my life that allow me to be the weird, annoying, and (a little bit this weekend at least!) tired grump that I sometimes am. As for not being home or getting any sleep this weekend, I’m still trying to catch up. A home meet on Thursday that calls to be really competitive and clean sheets both beg for some attention. Not to mention my dead legs from a hard workout yesterday. With that, I’m off to relax with the rest of my night and enjoy the time I have to be lazy. The rest of the week promises to be busy and I can only hope that I’ll be home a little bit more than I was this weekend. Have a great rest of your week! :-)


Have you gone to any concerts lately? How was your weekend?

Until next time,



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