There really isn’t anything too exciting or “surprising” about this post because as you’ve noticed, it’s still a Monday post. Woo. Other than that though, I’ve been busy busy busy and things have been going really great with both school and running! Now that’s a surprise.

I wish I could make this face …

The past week has been full of homework, getting home late, waking up early, and team related everything. Friday I went to a surprise birthday party for one of my good friends and teammates. He had no clue which made the night that much more fun! Not to mention that we played a game involving both Cheetos and whipped cream. My friend Andrea stood about four feet from me with a handful of Cheetos as my face was smeared with whipped cream (which she said looked like cottage cheese! Ew.) and she proceeded to throw Cheetos at my face, trying to get them to stay. With that, I’ll stop for a moment and let you imagine how that went. Pretty great mental picture, hmm? Don’t forget about the random orange spots all over my face from where the Cheetos hit me and fell off. I ended up with three Cheetos on my face, as well as some in my eye, but we didn’t end up winning. Still, what an experience! I’ve always wanted to smear my face in whipped cream … Right. (It was pretty fun though, not gonna lie.) All in all, the party was a good time and we totally caught the birthday boy off guard. Mission accomplished.

Runing-wise, we still haven’t had our first meet. Three and a half weeks of torture practice, having to hear about other teams racing, times online … and we still haven’t raced. Ugh, I just want to get out there already! It’s killing me. I’m definitely having separation anxiety from not wearing my racing flats, no joke. Our meet schedule this year is all set and I can’t wait to start. We’re going to some new invites that promise fast times and good competition! Of course, getting our uniforms and warm ups today didn’t help out my eagerness. Or putting my meet bag together with everything I’ll need. Or the fact that this Thursday is our first meet and we also have one on Saturday. Or that I got lost during our time trial on Friday. Ooops … And guess what? Surprise! I actually felt good today during intervals and felt like I ran fast. Doesn’t hurt that they were consistently fast either. Awesome.

Hanging out in our computer room with a slice of blackberry pie, the new Maroon 5 cd, and writing a blog after a long day is great. This isn’t what I consider to be a “super awesome, everyone should read this” post, but it’ll do. Focusing on becoming a better writer and incorporating new things into my blog is on the agenda … it just might be awhile before I have tmie to focus on them! If I survive our first two meets later this week, I’ll make sure to post times, photos, and pictures of the meets sometime this weekend. Until then, I have 10 things of peach yogurt in my fridge to eat along with a formal dress to find.  I got asked to Homecoming! Both a surprise to you and me in more ways than one! Details on that later though. ;-)

Have you had any surprises lately? What are you looking forward to this fall?

Until next time,


“This is what we do.” So true. Love it! ♥


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