A berry good recovery.

Happy Monday!

There has just been so many exciting things happening this past week that I haven’t had time to post! I don’t wan to fall back into my old ways of writing posts solely as a re-cap of what I was too busy to fill you guys in on, but alas … that’s what this post might end up being. We’ll see. Brainstorming for a blog? Pshhhhh, please. I just write.

Last Monday was my first practice of the 2012 cross country season. All last week was a blur as I ran myself into the ground during the hard practices, went easy on the rest days, slept as much as possible, ate more than I thought was possible, and was sore from everything in between. Needless to say, it was a glorious week. I’ve missed hard workouts and hanging out with my team!

Speaking of rest and recovery, guess what I finally got a pair of? Not a new pair of shoes, but Compression socks. I’ve been wearing them after our hard days, after my first run on two-a-days, and when I’ve been feeling sore. Somewhat skeptical about whether they actually work or not, I did a bit of googling only to find that “research shows” that nothing is quite proven. Ignoring the fact that the benefits or wearing compression socks aren’t set in stone, I went ahead and got a pair. Like I said above, I’ve only been wearing them for recovery purposes even though I know others run in them. Running in high blacks socks in the middle of summer? Doesn’t sound pleasant. Might as well wear a long sleeve and decided to run hill repeats. Great idea. I think I’ll stick with wearing them at home where no one can make fun of what a great outfit they make with my sweats and baggy T-shirt for bed. Hot outfit, right? Whether compression socks actually work for physiological recovery, or even it’s all psychological …  if you believe they work, then they’re doing something.

Along with wearing my compression socks, I’ve taken a stab at baking again! The last major thing I made was apple turnovers, but with wild blackberries along the side of our road I ventured to pick some and make a homemade pie. After an hour and a half of picking, a couple scratches from fighting with the sticker bushes, and the frustrating, long, and maddening process of rolling dough … I popped the pie in the oven. Safe to say, it was a very good-looking pie. If I don’t say so myself.  It came out too runny, which I half expected after using more berries than called for and baking in a glass dish, but still tasted good with a scoop of ice cream on the side and maybe a spoon instead of a fork. Oh well, things to remember for next time.

Rewinding a bit from my baking dilemmas on Sunday, on Saturday, I went to iHop for the first time! My Coach, teammate and I met earlier that morning for a run before heading to the famous International House of Pancakes. Long story short, they have the best blueberry pancakes ever. Yum. And of course, we just had to get a picture with our menus to prove that we had, in fact, gone to IHOP. (Nevermind my face. I had just run 7.5 miles after a measly 6 hours of sleep. Ugh, long night.) We even liked it enough to consider going there for dinner on Homecoming. It’s a different idea, we know … But who doesn’t like pancakes?

Other than starting the cross country season, new compression socks, my first IHOP experience, volunteering at the local nursing home/rehab, and last minute summer plans … I haven’t done anything else too exciting. With school starting on Thursday comes football games, homework, and even less free time than I’ve had this summer. Phew. Tires me out just thinking about it! T-3 days until junior year. Crazy. The summer has flown by and even though there are things I wish I had done, I’m excited to get back to school and enjoy the fall activities. Enjoy school? Did I really just say that? Weird. Not to mention that after a week of practice behind us, that means only two more weeks until our first cross country meet. Recovering with compression socks and blueberry pancakes, where can you go wrong? This is just the start of a great season. I can feel it.

Until next time,


Whether it’s during track , a cross country meet, or a fun run … I love the feeling. :-)



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