100 followers & a great run.

Hey you.

Yeah, you’re awesome for reading this.

Scratch that. You’re just awesome in general. Am I embarrassing you with all these compliments yet? Hopefully. I mean, without you readers this blog would be super lame and I would be alone with no motivation to do anything. Do anything besides eat Ben & Jerry’s, watch Jenna Marbles YouTube videos, and sleep all day that is. That’s exactly what would happen if I didn’t have you guys.

So what’s with all the reader-love? Just that I hit 100 followers! Woohoo! WordPress even gave me this nifty little update. The 6 months that I’ve been blogging I’ve received so much support, shared so many pointless and rambling posts, found a lot of cool people, read inspiring stories, and earned the title of “blogger.” I wish I posted more frequently or did cool things like food giveaways or vlogs, but who knows! 100 followers and 6 months in … this is just the beginning. :-)

In other news …

My summer is almost over! Asdfghjkl. Not sure if I’m excited or super bummed because there are still things I still want to do before going back to school. One good thing though … cross country starts tomorrow. First practice of the 2012 season. I’ve been blogging about it all summer so I know you’re all as excited as I am! More like you’re excited for me to quit talking about it all the time I’m sure. School-wise,I have orientation for junior year on Tuesday. Meaning I get my locker, schedule, and get to turn in all the “yada yada school is worried about your safety even though you’ve filled out paperwork every year” forms. So weird to think that I’m going to be an upperclassmen. Sure, most of you think probably think I’m silly for rambling on about highschool, but hey! I’m a teenage girl. We like to worry and over-dramatize about everything.

Running-wise, I feel like I’m finally back in the groove of things. Sure, I’ve only one run to prove that, but nonetheless it was a great run. You know those days when you wake up and are like, “Wow, I’m tired and don’t want to run right now. I think I’ll just take an extra rest day this week.” Then you go on and convince yourself about how hard you’ve been working and that your body needs rest. Oh the things we’ll tell ourselves to quiet the self-guilt. That was how I felt yesterday. Then I did nothing for a few hours before getting bored and realizing that a run didn’t actually sound too bad. Well an hour and a half later, I finished 10 miles and was feeling on top of the world. It only took 6.5 miles of hill climbing to reach a good runners’ high, but when I did the crazy came out. Feeling good at mile 6.5 I decided that instead of 8.5 today, why not add an extra loop and make it 10? By mile 7 I was already regretting the decision. Either way, I finished all 10.05 miles and couldn’t help but let out a whoop at the end. Who knew being completely unmotivated would result in such a great run? Uhh, not me. It was only my second 10 miler all summer and it was glorious. Way more exciting than before. Even if I do feel more out of shape.

Pretty sure that covers everything. I was going to do something super cool and creative for getting 100 followers, but wanted some input first. Plus, I didn’t think anything productive was going to come out of this weekend besides a surprise birthday dinner for my coach. Oh, but that’s later tonight. What better way to celebrate his birthday and kick off the season like a team dinner? Mmm, pasta. I mean, happy birthday Coach! As for tomorrow, wish me luck for the first day of practice … it’s always a tough one. And before I go,another huge thanks to everyone who reads this! It means a lot. Not to mention that it makes running a bit less frusturating. ;-)

What new things would you like to see on my blog? Have you had any lazy days turn into really good runs/workouts?

Until next time,


This is totally how I felt looked yesterday. Too funny not to share …


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