All tatted up!

Happy Wednesday!

With the time between household chores, going to “work,” then acting as honorary coach at Munga today … I wanted to show you guys my new tattoo!

It’s legit I promise. Okay, maybe not a legit tattoo as in ink, needles and pain and all that … but a legit henna tattoo that I got at the fair last week. Since they stay on for a few weeks and cross country is starting on Monday, I figured what’s wrong with a little extra motivation? That’s right, nada. So after carefully choosing between a sparrow (which represents … freedom of running?) I chose something that might actually push me in workouts besides wishing that the little bird on my arm was real.

Like I said, hard to choose what I wanted. The henna guy typed out what I wanted, I chose a font, and since it was just so hard not to pick a sparrow … I got a wing off of the letters! Actually, they didn’t have a running shoe so the wing symbolizes the , but oh well … Some disinfectant on my arm, choosing someplace on my arm, tracing the outline, and it was done! Pain free and only $10. Not to mention the blue glitter I got on it since the henna paint comes off anyway. Best deal ever.

“Earn it.” It’s what we runners call a mantra and is one of my own. By definition, a mantra is “a mystical formula of invocation or incantation.” Uhh, yeah. How about, “something that makes you work harder, faster, stronger, and pushes you to be your best.” Way better. I use my mantra during long sluggish runs to push myself to finish strong, hard workouts, or during races when I feel my mind and body wanting to give up. Whenever I need that next bit of motivation, these two words do it for me. I have some pretty big goals this year for cross country and it’s going to take a lot of hard work, smart training, and support to get me there. There’s not better way to remember what I want and how hard I need to work than the words themselves on my arm. Earn it.

Now if I ever get a real tattoo, I would get one on my foot. It would most likely involve running and/or a sparrow. Not quite sure yet. Unlike other teenagers at my school, I think I’ll wait until it’s actual legal for me to go get a tattoo on my own instead of in some guy’s sketchy garage. Not that anything like that ever happens. Pshhhh.

Slightly off topic, but I recently succumbed to peer pressure and got a Pinterest account! Ahhhh! Best decision and biggest time killer of the summer. Either way, it’s awesome. I’ve found so many good looking recipes, cute hairstyles, motivating quotes, funny and relatable posts, along with jewelry, wedding things, kid projects, workouts, actors, DIY crafts, tattoos, home decor … and the list goes on! If you ever have like an hour (or three) to kill, just hop on Pinterest and pin away. Seriously. You lose yourself. And don’t even get me started on how you can make different boards! Anywho, coolest tattoo designs on there. I would get more than one tattoo if I weren’t so worried about the impact they might have on my level of professionalism later on. That and making sure that all of what I got tattooed on my body for forever actually meant something.

Oh, the addictions of social media sites. I feel like such a hermit sometimes when all I do is Facebook, catch up on blogs, write my own blog, and pin away on Pinterest after taking some snazzy photo with Instagram. Twitter would be the death of me. That and many others. My life just isn’t that interesting. Most exciting tweet I would have? “Eating greek yogurt and a Fuji apple.” First and last food update would be the end of it all.

I’ve covered the bases of running, tattoos, and what I use my lack of a free time for. Even as my henna fades after each run, it motivates me to be my best. Maybe someday it will actually turn into a real tattoo …  flying on the wings of a sparrow. Until I go under the needle, I’ll just stick with pinning cool ideas, henna from the fair, and temporary tattoos you buy for $5.99 at the toy store with your friends. :-)

Do you have any tattoos? If you’re a runner, do you have a mantra? What’s your social media addiction?


Until next time,



If you guessed that I found this on Pinterest, then you’re oh so right. :-)


7 thoughts on “All tatted up!

    • I recently saw your feather one, super cool! :-) I’m not sure what you could do for running besides the cliche running shoe. Just need to think of something creative, I suppose!

  1. Love the henna! Perfect way to stay inspired without actual ink! I’ve never bitten the bullet and gotten something permanent. As for a mantra, I often catch myself thinking, “The faster I run, the sooner I can stop!”

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