Team Camp 2012.

Meet my family.

Okay, maybe not blood-related family, but my family nonetheless. Except for my Coach not being ready for the picture and not smiling … I love this picture! For team camp this year we ventured up to Port Townsend and stayed at Fort Worden. To the north lies the Strait of Juan de Fuca and to the east the Puget Sound, so we were lucky enough to have two beaches available for flying our kites! Just one of our activities from the week we also made hand puppets which we had to give a personality as we were interviewed around te campfire that night. After dragging our kites in the sand flying our kites we had a sand castle competition. My teammates and I were all on the same team last year (which won!) so even though we didn’t win this year … we know it was only because winning yet another year in a row would be unfair to everyone else.

We did more than little kid activities though! I mean, it’s a cross country team camp. So that means running. And run we certainly did. Each morning we woke up at about 6:30 to get our morning run in, which was a riddle that our Coach left us to figure out. They usually involved running up into the bunkers (we were at an old military fort!) and searching for hidden objects or told to pay attention only to be quizzed on its history. The afternoon runs were a bit longer and outside of the state park, but still just as fun. Sure, one day on our afternoon run on of my teammates got lost and while 5 others were out on the trail both running and on bikes looking for her … she came running down on one of the main roads.

The group this year was smaller than last year and not everyone who is doing cross country this season turned out, but it was a blast. Most of us have been running together and are friends besides the team already, so getting to spend time together just brought us all that much closer. Singing “Call Me Maybe” while doing dishes, sitting on the handlebars of the bikes, cold showers, breaking zippers on the tent, raccoons stealing our cookies, book club in the morning, one of the boys eating 5 packets of oatmeal at breakfast while another ate one completely dry, intense tennis matches, trying to catch deer, playing cards and having the Slap champion finally beaten, getting lost, chaperone moms, riding the ferry, duct-taping plastic golf balls, the amount of good food, temporary tattoos, eating ice cream then running 2 miles back to the park while I hitched a ride back after a block, $0.25 Pokemon cards, exploring all the forts without flashlights (eek!), round table discussions, glitter princess puzzles, and ever decreasing patience levels. Sounds like a lot of things to happen, but there are so many more things that go on at camp and make it one of my favorite weeks during the summer. This is my third year going and it never fails. White Pass may have harder runs, more people, a whole week, more structured activities, and more comfortable

Most of the team I hadn’t seen or gotten to hangout with all summer, so it was great to get to see them and it’s gotten me even more excited for the upcoming season! 10 more days until the new cross country season starts and I couldn’t be more nervous. The team was behind me and supportive while I was injured last year, but I can’t wait to become a full part of the team again and make memories at practice as well as meets. These people are weird, annoying, accidentally hilarious, oddly encouraging, and some of the best people I know. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I think it’s safe to say that team camp was a success this year. Good food, great running, a beautiful place, amazing people, and overall? A little piece of my very own heaven. I love my family. ♥

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3 thoughts on “Team Camp 2012.

  1. I never did anything like that in high school. It really bothers me because it looks like so much fun; especially that you were at an old military fort. That’s just plain awesome. That’s somewhat why I would like to be a cross country coach.

    • The fort was neat! But of course, teenagers can entertain themselves anywhere as I’m sure you know. Haha :-) Our team camp is one of the things that stands our coach apart from others in all that he does for us outside of the season. I’m sure you’ll make a great coach!

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