Now get outside!

Summer has finally arrived to the Northwest!

Cloudless blue skies, hot weather, sunburns, peeling from sunburns, BBQ dinners, shorts and tank tops, going to the fair, picking berries, swimming in the river, oh and did I mention hot weather? Yeah, like 105° hot. Too hot for my liking! Being outside and soaking in some vitamin D has been much-needed though. After getting back from team camp on Friday (which I’ll dedicate a whole post to once I get ahold of some more photos from my Coach’s camera!) I decided to take this whole weekend off from running and relax. More so than just wanting to enjoy the weather, I’ve come across some pain in my knee. Possibly runner’s knee or maybe just a sore spot, but either way it seemed best to take an extra day off to re-coup and get ready for another busy two weeks of work and running before the official season starts! Seeing that I’ll fill you guys in on team camp a bit later, I’m not running all weekend, and the weather is just too beautiful to stay out of … here’s a quick post in pictures! Faster to the read, more to the point, and you don’t have to read my rambling which go on and on … and on. :-)


Can’t forget to mention Galen Rupp! Such an awesome race and one that will go down in history. So proud of him and how well all our other runners are doing in the Olympics! Go Team USA!

Who is your favorite athlete competing in the Olympics? What’s your favorite event?

Hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying the Olympics as well as the summer weather as much as I am! :-)

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “Now get outside!

    • Me too! Still my favorites no matter how they did. :-) My knee is alright now. Just strained a tendon. Been doing a lot of downhill lately, and just puts a lot of pressure on them.

  1. K. Goucher was mine for the marathon, and not forgetting Shalane, she held on and fought hard to stay with the leaders.. it was a well run marathon.

    Hope you had catch the live or even reply for that matter.

    Train hard, Race even harder

  2. –whoops! From another Northwesterner! And an aspiring runner :) I don’t do long distances very well, but I have improved my running over the last year or so! You are FAST! Something for me to shoot for!

    • Hi fellow Northwesterner! (Kinda a mouthful, hmm?) Running is all about improving and moving forward, so keep it up! You have such a great story, I’m excited to read more! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :-)
      Hope all is well and best of luck in your running!

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