A berry good recovery.

Happy Monday!

There has just been so many exciting things happening this past week that I haven’t had time to post! I don’t wan to fall back into my old ways of writing posts solely as a re-cap of what I was too busy to fill you guys in on, but alas … that’s what this post might end up being. We’ll see. Brainstorming for a blog? Pshhhhh, please. I just write.

Last Monday was my first practice of the 2012 cross country season. All last week was a blur as I ran myself into the ground during the hard practices, went easy on the rest days, slept as much as possible, ate more than I thought was possible, and was sore from everything in between. Needless to say, it was a glorious week. I’ve missed hard workouts and hanging out with my team!

Speaking of rest and recovery, guess what I finally got a pair of? Not a new pair of shoes, but Compression socks. I’ve been wearing them after our hard days, after my first run on two-a-days, and when I’ve been feeling sore. Somewhat skeptical about whether they actually work or not, I did a bit of googling only to find that “research shows” that nothing is quite proven. Ignoring the fact that the benefits or wearing compression socks aren’t set in stone, I went ahead and got a pair. Like I said above, I’ve only been wearing them for recovery purposes even though I know others run in them. Running in high blacks socks in the middle of summer? Doesn’t sound pleasant. Might as well wear a long sleeve and decided to run hill repeats. Great idea. I think I’ll stick with wearing them at home where no one can make fun of what a great outfit they make with my sweats and baggy T-shirt for bed. Hot outfit, right? Whether compression socks actually work for physiological recovery, or even it’s all psychological …  if you believe they work, then they’re doing something.

Along with wearing my compression socks, I’ve taken a stab at baking again! The last major thing I made was apple turnovers, but with wild blackberries along the side of our road I ventured to pick some and make a homemade pie. After an hour and a half of picking, a couple scratches from fighting with the sticker bushes, and the frustrating, long, and maddening process of rolling dough … I popped the pie in the oven. Safe to say, it was a very good-looking pie. If I don’t say so myself.  It came out too runny, which I half expected after using more berries than called for and baking in a glass dish, but still tasted good with a scoop of ice cream on the side and maybe a spoon instead of a fork. Oh well, things to remember for next time.

Rewinding a bit from my baking dilemmas on Sunday, on Saturday, I went to iHop for the first time! My Coach, teammate and I met earlier that morning for a run before heading to the famous International House of Pancakes. Long story short, they have the best blueberry pancakes ever. Yum. And of course, we just had to get a picture with our menus to prove that we had, in fact, gone to IHOP. (Nevermind my face. I had just run 7.5 miles after a measly 6 hours of sleep. Ugh, long night.) We even liked it enough to consider going there for dinner on Homecoming. It’s a different idea, we know … But who doesn’t like pancakes?

Other than starting the cross country season, new compression socks, my first IHOP experience, volunteering at the local nursing home/rehab, and last minute summer plans … I haven’t done anything else too exciting. With school starting on Thursday comes football games, homework, and even less free time than I’ve had this summer. Phew. Tires me out just thinking about it! T-3 days until junior year. Crazy. The summer has flown by and even though there are things I wish I had done, I’m excited to get back to school and enjoy the fall activities. Enjoy school? Did I really just say that? Weird. Not to mention that after a week of practice behind us, that means only two more weeks until our first cross country meet. Recovering with compression socks and blueberry pancakes, where can you go wrong? This is just the start of a great season. I can feel it.

Until next time,


Whether it’s during track , a cross country meet, or a fun run … I love the feeling. :-)



100 followers & a great run.

Hey you.

Yeah, you’re awesome for reading this.

Scratch that. You’re just awesome in general. Am I embarrassing you with all these compliments yet? Hopefully. I mean, without you readers this blog would be super lame and I would be alone with no motivation to do anything. Do anything besides eat Ben & Jerry’s, watch Jenna Marbles YouTube videos, and sleep all day that is. That’s exactly what would happen if I didn’t have you guys.

So what’s with all the reader-love? Just that I hit 100 followers! Woohoo! WordPress even gave me this nifty little update. The 6 months that I’ve been blogging I’ve received so much support, shared so many pointless and rambling posts, found a lot of cool people, read inspiring stories, and earned the title of “blogger.” I wish I posted more frequently or did cool things like food giveaways or vlogs, but who knows! 100 followers and 6 months in … this is just the beginning. :-)

In other news …

My summer is almost over! Asdfghjkl. Not sure if I’m excited or super bummed because there are still things I still want to do before going back to school. One good thing though … cross country starts tomorrow. First practice of the 2012 season. I’ve been blogging about it all summer so I know you’re all as excited as I am! More like you’re excited for me to quit talking about it all the time I’m sure. School-wise,I have orientation for junior year on Tuesday. Meaning I get my locker, schedule, and get to turn in all the “yada yada school is worried about your safety even though you’ve filled out paperwork every year” forms. So weird to think that I’m going to be an upperclassmen. Sure, most of you think probably think I’m silly for rambling on about highschool, but hey! I’m a teenage girl. We like to worry and over-dramatize about everything.

Running-wise, I feel like I’m finally back in the groove of things. Sure, I’ve only one run to prove that, but nonetheless it was a great run. You know those days when you wake up and are like, “Wow, I’m tired and don’t want to run right now. I think I’ll just take an extra rest day this week.” Then you go on and convince yourself about how hard you’ve been working and that your body needs rest. Oh the things we’ll tell ourselves to quiet the self-guilt. That was how I felt yesterday. Then I did nothing for a few hours before getting bored and realizing that a run didn’t actually sound too bad. Well an hour and a half later, I finished 10 miles and was feeling on top of the world. It only took 6.5 miles of hill climbing to reach a good runners’ high, but when I did the crazy came out. Feeling good at mile 6.5 I decided that instead of 8.5 today, why not add an extra loop and make it 10? By mile 7 I was already regretting the decision. Either way, I finished all 10.05 miles and couldn’t help but let out a whoop at the end. Who knew being completely unmotivated would result in such a great run? Uhh, not me. It was only my second 10 miler all summer and it was glorious. Way more exciting than before. Even if I do feel more out of shape.

Pretty sure that covers everything. I was going to do something super cool and creative for getting 100 followers, but wanted some input first. Plus, I didn’t think anything productive was going to come out of this weekend besides a surprise birthday dinner for my coach. Oh, but that’s later tonight. What better way to celebrate his birthday and kick off the season like a team dinner? Mmm, pasta. I mean, happy birthday Coach! As for tomorrow, wish me luck for the first day of practice … it’s always a tough one. And before I go,another huge thanks to everyone who reads this! It means a lot. Not to mention that it makes running a bit less frusturating. ;-)

What new things would you like to see on my blog? Have you had any lazy days turn into really good runs/workouts?

Until next time,


This is totally how I felt looked yesterday. Too funny not to share …

All tatted up!

Happy Wednesday!

With the time between household chores, going to “work,” then acting as honorary coach at Munga today … I wanted to show you guys my new tattoo!

It’s legit I promise. Okay, maybe not a legit tattoo as in ink, needles and pain and all that … but a legit henna tattoo that I got at the fair last week. Since they stay on for a few weeks and cross country is starting on Monday, I figured what’s wrong with a little extra motivation? That’s right, nada. So after carefully choosing between a sparrow (which represents … freedom of running?) I chose something that might actually push me in workouts besides wishing that the little bird on my arm was real.

Like I said, hard to choose what I wanted. The henna guy typed out what I wanted, I chose a font, and since it was just so hard not to pick a sparrow … I got a wing off of the letters! Actually, they didn’t have a running shoe so the wing symbolizes the , but oh well … Some disinfectant on my arm, choosing someplace on my arm, tracing the outline, and it was done! Pain free and only $10. Not to mention the blue glitter I got on it since the henna paint comes off anyway. Best deal ever.

“Earn it.” It’s what we runners call a mantra and is one of my own. By definition, a mantra is “a mystical formula of invocation or incantation.” Uhh, yeah. How about, “something that makes you work harder, faster, stronger, and pushes you to be your best.” Way better. I use my mantra during long sluggish runs to push myself to finish strong, hard workouts, or during races when I feel my mind and body wanting to give up. Whenever I need that next bit of motivation, these two words do it for me. I have some pretty big goals this year for cross country and it’s going to take a lot of hard work, smart training, and support to get me there. There’s not better way to remember what I want and how hard I need to work than the words themselves on my arm. Earn it.

Now if I ever get a real tattoo, I would get one on my foot. It would most likely involve running and/or a sparrow. Not quite sure yet. Unlike other teenagers at my school, I think I’ll wait until it’s actual legal for me to go get a tattoo on my own instead of in some guy’s sketchy garage. Not that anything like that ever happens. Pshhhh.

Slightly off topic, but I recently succumbed to peer pressure and got a Pinterest account! Ahhhh! Best decision and biggest time killer of the summer. Either way, it’s awesome. I’ve found so many good looking recipes, cute hairstyles, motivating quotes, funny and relatable posts, along with jewelry, wedding things, kid projects, workouts, actors, DIY crafts, tattoos, home decor … and the list goes on! If you ever have like an hour (or three) to kill, just hop on Pinterest and pin away. Seriously. You lose yourself. And don’t even get me started on how you can make different boards! Anywho, coolest tattoo designs on there. I would get more than one tattoo if I weren’t so worried about the impact they might have on my level of professionalism later on. That and making sure that all of what I got tattooed on my body for forever actually meant something.

Oh, the addictions of social media sites. I feel like such a hermit sometimes when all I do is Facebook, catch up on blogs, write my own blog, and pin away on Pinterest after taking some snazzy photo with Instagram. Twitter would be the death of me. That and many others. My life just isn’t that interesting. Most exciting tweet I would have? “Eating greek yogurt and a Fuji apple.” First and last food update would be the end of it all.

I’ve covered the bases of running, tattoos, and what I use my lack of a free time for. Even as my henna fades after each run, it motivates me to be my best. Maybe someday it will actually turn into a real tattoo …  flying on the wings of a sparrow. Until I go under the needle, I’ll just stick with pinning cool ideas, henna from the fair, and temporary tattoos you buy for $5.99 at the toy store with your friends. :-)

Do you have any tattoos? If you’re a runner, do you have a mantra? What’s your social media addiction?


Until next time,



If you guessed that I found this on Pinterest, then you’re oh so right. :-)

Team Camp 2012.

Meet my family.

Okay, maybe not blood-related family, but my family nonetheless. Except for my Coach not being ready for the picture and not smiling … I love this picture! For team camp this year we ventured up to Port Townsend and stayed at Fort Worden. To the north lies the Strait of Juan de Fuca and to the east the Puget Sound, so we were lucky enough to have two beaches available for flying our kites! Just one of our activities from the week we also made hand puppets which we had to give a personality as we were interviewed around te campfire that night. After dragging our kites in the sand flying our kites we had a sand castle competition. My teammates and I were all on the same team last year (which won!) so even though we didn’t win this year … we know it was only because winning yet another year in a row would be unfair to everyone else.

We did more than little kid activities though! I mean, it’s a cross country team camp. So that means running. And run we certainly did. Each morning we woke up at about 6:30 to get our morning run in, which was a riddle that our Coach left us to figure out. They usually involved running up into the bunkers (we were at an old military fort!) and searching for hidden objects or told to pay attention only to be quizzed on its history. The afternoon runs were a bit longer and outside of the state park, but still just as fun. Sure, one day on our afternoon run on of my teammates got lost and while 5 others were out on the trail both running and on bikes looking for her … she came running down on one of the main roads.

The group this year was smaller than last year and not everyone who is doing cross country this season turned out, but it was a blast. Most of us have been running together and are friends besides the team already, so getting to spend time together just brought us all that much closer. Singing “Call Me Maybe” while doing dishes, sitting on the handlebars of the bikes, cold showers, breaking zippers on the tent, raccoons stealing our cookies, book club in the morning, one of the boys eating 5 packets of oatmeal at breakfast while another ate one completely dry, intense tennis matches, trying to catch deer, playing cards and having the Slap champion finally beaten, getting lost, chaperone moms, riding the ferry, duct-taping plastic golf balls, the amount of good food, temporary tattoos, eating ice cream then running 2 miles back to the park while I hitched a ride back after a block, $0.25 Pokemon cards, exploring all the forts without flashlights (eek!), round table discussions, glitter princess puzzles, and ever decreasing patience levels. Sounds like a lot of things to happen, but there are so many more things that go on at camp and make it one of my favorite weeks during the summer. This is my third year going and it never fails. White Pass may have harder runs, more people, a whole week, more structured activities, and more comfortable

Most of the team I hadn’t seen or gotten to hangout with all summer, so it was great to get to see them and it’s gotten me even more excited for the upcoming season! 10 more days until the new cross country season starts and I couldn’t be more nervous. The team was behind me and supportive while I was injured last year, but I can’t wait to become a full part of the team again and make memories at practice as well as meets. These people are weird, annoying, accidentally hilarious, oddly encouraging, and some of the best people I know. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I think it’s safe to say that team camp was a success this year. Good food, great running, a beautiful place, amazing people, and overall? A little piece of my very own heaven. I love my family. ♥

Until next time,


Now get outside!

Summer has finally arrived to the Northwest!

Cloudless blue skies, hot weather, sunburns, peeling from sunburns, BBQ dinners, shorts and tank tops, going to the fair, picking berries, swimming in the river, oh and did I mention hot weather? Yeah, like 105° hot. Too hot for my liking! Being outside and soaking in some vitamin D has been much-needed though. After getting back from team camp on Friday (which I’ll dedicate a whole post to once I get ahold of some more photos from my Coach’s camera!) I decided to take this whole weekend off from running and relax. More so than just wanting to enjoy the weather, I’ve come across some pain in my knee. Possibly runner’s knee or maybe just a sore spot, but either way it seemed best to take an extra day off to re-coup and get ready for another busy two weeks of work and running before the official season starts! Seeing that I’ll fill you guys in on team camp a bit later, I’m not running all weekend, and the weather is just too beautiful to stay out of … here’s a quick post in pictures! Faster to the read, more to the point, and you don’t have to read my rambling which go on and on … and on. :-)


Can’t forget to mention Galen Rupp! Such an awesome race and one that will go down in history. So proud of him and how well all our other runners are doing in the Olympics! Go Team USA!

Who is your favorite athlete competing in the Olympics? What’s your favorite event?

Hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying the Olympics as well as the summer weather as much as I am! :-)

Until next time,