Summer lovin’.

If a flaming watermelon falls into a river and turns purple, how many gerbils does it take to unscrew a giraffe?

Someone asked Cha-Cha that …

Weirdest. Question. Ever.

I don’t know the answer, but I do know a little bit about watermelons. The other night I finally decided to try to complete my summer challenge: eat a whole watermelon. Maybe not a very appetizing sounding challenge or very exciting, but I’m a teenager. These are the kind of weird and pointless things that we like to do … After getting home from practice last night, I went straight to the kitchen and cut the sucker open. Maybe eating a 5 pound watermelon isn’t the best “post-workout” meal, but hey. Sometimes compromises have to be made. After 2 1/2 hours of force feeding myself eating watermelon … I did it! My summer challenge? ACCOMPLISHED! :-)

Sure, I was super bloated and sloshy for the next few hours along with having to listen to my friends making comments like “Don’t wet the bed tonight!” but it was totally worth it. I’ve decided to stay away from watermelon for a few weeks and hope it becomes appetizing again. As of right now? Ughhhh. Still in recovery from eating so much and was super hungry this morning! Watermelons are 92% water though, so I guess you could say that I’m pretty well hydrated. ;-)

Besides fulfilling what seemed to be an unquenchable thirst for watermelon, I’ve been having a really good week of running!

The logging roads back in 1941 …
Haven’t changed a bit!

Yesterday, my teammate and I got to run one of my Coach’s favorite runs from back in the “hayday.” For the past few years that I’ve run under his coaching, he’s hyped up this run considerably. This run, The Watershed, has been made to sound like the cream of the crop. The best of the best. He finally took us on it yesterday, and what was it actually like? Maybe not my favorite run out of all of the ones we do, but definitely top 10 and a really good 8 mile loop. Despite the first 3 miles that are pretty much all uphill, the run loops up to our local state park into the logging roads where it curves and twists along a main gravel road before coming out way on the other side of town.

Have you ever run or been on logging roads? They are freaky! Seriously. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can get lost sooo easily. Trust me. I’ve gotten lost on more than one occasion! The cool thing about the roads are that if you ever want some alone time, just run out there and you won’t see a soul. Maybe a random mountain biker, but usually not even that! Be careful if you venture on out there though, it may be nice to get away, but it is pretty scary out there … personally. I definitely wouldn’t advise going alone if you don’t have to! My favorite part about the worn gravel roads out in the middle of nowhere is the views though. Oh man. Sure, you might have to climb a few monster hills before getting far enough out-of-town to see what I’m talking about, but getting out there and seeing trees for miles in every direction is breathtaking. I love it! It’s just one of those things that makes you appreciate being a runner and getting to see so many things that those who don’t run don’t get to explore and experience. :-)

As far as work goes, it is going so so so well. I never thought I would like hanging out a nursing home/rehab so much. Some of the residents are really nice and I love getting to just talk to them! I like meeting new people so this job works perfectly. No to mention that almost everyday I get nice compliments on my outfits and am always called “hunny” or “sweetie.” That’s not too bad for my ego either. ;-)

Overall … my summer is going really well. The weather has kind of sucked, but I live in Washington so it’s not too surprising to find our highest temperature only reaching into the mid-70s. So much for a summer tan, I’ll be going back to school almost as white as when I left! Ugh, school. I’ve been enjoying everything about summer that I barely realized how soon I go back. I can say hello to junior year on August 30th. Two days in school, then a three-day weekend? I guess that’s alright then. Little over a month before school, less than a month before cross country starts, and less that 48 hours until I leave for team camp! We are going to Port Townsend and will be camping there while we run, eat, run again, and learn more about running for almost a week. Not to mention the whole team-bonding-becoming-closer thing. Can’t wait! So many things going on this summer, it’s awesome. I’m summer lovin’.

Until next time,


I’ve a newfound love for hills this summer. They’re horrible, but at the same time make you feel so good about yourself to finish them. Do them. They’ll make you a faster, stronger, better runner.



8 thoughts on “Summer lovin’.

  1. I need your passion for hills..I HATEE them..but they do indeed make me stronger. For that I like them. I ate half of a watermelon after a run a few weeks ago and it was amazing.

    • I have only recently learned to love hills, so don’t give up hope! They might start to rub off on you … maybe. ;-)

      Half of a watermelon sounds much better than a whole one, but I have to agree … the first half was alright!

  2. Eating a whole watermelon? That’s crazy, and impressive! I’m fairly sure I could only get through half… Maybe I’ll attempt the challenge once they come back into season here (I’m in Aus)!

    I’ve been attempting to embrace hills, as well – all of my normal runs are hilly, but I’ve started doing reps again. They’re so hard but definitely worth it!

    • Haha I wouldn’t really advise eating a whole watermelon if you don’t have to … ruins it a bit when you try and eat it later on. Not appetizing at all! You’re welcome to try, though! Good luck! ;-)

      Hill reps are probably one of the hardest workouts we do on my team, but are my favorite! Tough like you said … but worth it!

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