Hi everyone!

Another week down for the count and I’m back to fill you in on all of the exciting things that happened since I’ve been gone. Ready to be jealous? Good. Well, if you didn’t see my last post then know that since last Sunday I’ve been run to the ground at White Pass Cross Country Camp!

144 runners from across the Northwest! Even Hawaii!

This year I got to go with one of my bestfriends and teammate, and it was a blast! Seriously. Up at 4500 ft. we ran twice a day everyday on ski trails and utility roads. One day we even ran to the top of the ski slope right by the lift! Correction about how we “ran” actually … it was more of straight uphill walk. My least favorite part about camp the whole week, but once we were done I was happy! Other than running (as you would expect from a xc camp!) we were split into groups for jenga, foursquare, and volleyball competitions. We also had two lectures everyday, drills, video analysis of our running form, goal setting sessions, quiet hour (a.k.a nap time!), and an evening activity every night after lecture for an hour that were always super fun. One day there was even a milk drinking competition where people have an hour to drink a gallon of milk! No one did it and they all threw up, but food dye was added into each gallon so I’m sure you can imagine the results. On the last day of camp, there was also a time trial/race. Last year, I finished 15th, whereas this year I not only finished with a better time, but also third, earning myself a fancy medal. Not too shabby, eh? :-)

In between all of the structured activities … we iced in a mountain stream after almost all of our runs, creeped on all the cute shirtless guys, got somewhat annoyed with our roommates, drank the best hot chocolate ever from the Lodge, wore nose strips around trying to be cool like one of the other runners from our District who won state and we like to give a hard time, gossiped, got eaten alive by mosquitoes (I had a total of 30 by the last day!), and then ran again! :-) Going with a teammate made all the difference in going to camp again this year and I can’t wait to go back next year! We got along so well that even after 128 straight hours together … I still texted her 2 minutes after she dropped me off because I had something to tell her. What can I say? Run with someone enough and they’re sure to become one of your closest friends. :-)

In other news …

Coming back from camp has been non-exciting, but I did go see The Dark Knight Rises with my mom. It was soooo good. Not to mention Christian Bale either. Mmm. ;-) My heart goes out to all the families and friends to those involved in the Colorado shooting though. Such a tragedy, and for no reason.

Oh, and why am I randomly holding my ear? Well, it’s not actually random at all! I got a second piercing in both of my ears. Maybe not too exciting, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and with my parent’s approval, finally got it done. Not like it’s anything super painful, life changing, or even permanent … but I’m pretty excited about it! :-) Maybe you aren’t all as observant as I think, but yes. Yes, that orange tape on my wrist does stand for something. Remember how I mentioned the Mountain Run from camp? Well, the orange tape is to show that I was in the “run” group. Again, it was more of a hands-on-knees, push yourself up each hill no faster than a brisk walk kind of run, but oh well. The tape says I ran to the top of White Pass (about a 2,000 ft. climb), so are you impressed? ;-)

Now that I’m back in my small town of boring asphalt roads, lack of mosquitoes, and am starting up my usual summer routine … it makes me excited for next year’s camp and ready to leave for team camp next Sunday! Until then I’ll be back to volunteering, staying up late, running with some of my teammates at Munga, and doing yard work. What a life! ;-)

Have you ever been to a running camp? What was it like? If not, how was your week? 

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp!

  1. I saw the link to this on facebook. looks pretty cool and btw im in that pic of the people icing in the river…. I was still wearing the speedo haha!

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