Workin’ on my watch tan.

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! 

It’s been a week since I last posted … oops! My excuse? There’s been a lot going on lately! Here’s a bit of a re-cap.

1) My Fourth of July race went really well! I won overall woman, PR’d off of my time from last year, and was one of the four in a raffle to win free shoes. Not too shabby, huh? Considering that I ran a 5K two days prior! Not to mention I got to hangout with my coach and two of my awesome teammates. They all kicked some serious butt!

2) The rest of my Fourth was filled with BBQ, sun, ping-pong, and way too close yet adrenaline pumping fireworks. Oh, and sleeping in a tent under the stars after a late night campfire full of gossip and other clichés teenage girls are known for. Definitely the definition of a perfect summer night!

3) My first day of volunteering at the local nursing home/rehab went really well! I met some of the residents, ran errands, made copies, and today I got to play Bingo. Laugh all you want, but nursing home Bingo isn’t as boring as you would think! No one fell asleep and the prizes were pretty great. Sure, the woman running Bingo had to talk loud and repeat herself a lot, but for the most part? B-4 today I didn’t realize how much fun Bingo could be. ;-)

4) The weather has been BEAUTIFUL! Like break out the shorts and tank top beautiful. It’s been warm, but not too hot like other parts of the country are experiencing. Ugh, sounds miserable! In such nice conditions I’ve been running (duh) and doing yard work like a mad-man. Weedwacking, mowing lawns, stacking wood, you name it. In doing so I’ve managed to work on my farmer’s tan as well as somewhat of a watch tan. Can’t forget the infamous sock tan either … but that one’s there year round. ;-)

5) I run a lot, but also try to cross-train and lift weights. Lately, I’ve been going to my highschool’s weight room and doing what we call “circuits.” They’re a mix of different strength exercises that are of a lower impact than just bench, squat, cleans and so forth. There’s only one small problem … I’m the only girl. Maybe I forgot to mention that I’m  in a weight room filled with highschool football players? Not intimidating at all. Pshhhhh. They think they’re all cool doing 20 million pull-ups on their own as I struggle to get up to the bar and am sweating before I even attempt to do one. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. I just stick to my workout and keep out of their way, and for the most part, they ignore me. Getting stronger and being able to use some of the machines is worth the embarrassment, but still … it’s a little bit intimidating. Just a bit.

Other than running everyday, volunteering twice a week, yard work, lifting weights, and working on my tan … I’m not up to anything too exciting! Just trying to pass the days as camp gets closer and closer! I’m going to the White Pass Cross Country Campagain next week along with my wonderful teammate. Not to mention that she’s one of my best friends and that it’s going to be a total blast! Ahhhhh! Can’t wait. :-) We leave Sunday morning and will gone through the week, so I will have plenty of stories, pictures, jokes, and such to share when I get back. Until then, I hope you all have a good rest of your night and are enjoying the summer as much I am! … even if you have to work. ;-)

Have you been enjoying the weather? Anything exciting planned vacation-wise?

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Workin’ on my watch tan.

    • It was quite lovely! :-) I haven’t gotten injured from ligting weights and have become an overall stronger runner. I think it’s safe to keep lifting with the full-body workouts that I do. It’s the heavy benching, squats, clean, and deadlifting that people get hurt from.

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