Another one?!

Happy Tuesday!

So I told you guys about the race I did on Sunday, but uhhh … I have another one tomorrow! Sure, it may sound crazy to race twice within a span of only four days, but they’re both only road races. I try not to consider them as tempo runs and go into them with a “this is not a race, just have fun” attitude. Of course, what ends up happening? I race. Then again if I still consider them tempo runs … I’ll take a 30 second PR any day!

Yes, you read that right. 30 second PR.

 In case you didn’t see my last post, I raced a 5K Sunday night. It was called the Torchlight 5K and started at 9 at night! Sure, it didn’t get dark until during and after my race, but oh well … still got to run in the somewhat dark for part of it! As for the big PR? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that to happen either! I wrote about hopefully being able to run near 20 minute sand after a solid track season along with the past few weeks of summer training, I knew I was in good enough shape to run somewhere around 20 to 21 minutes. My PR (personal record) before Sunday was a 20:07 meaning that yes …  I FINALLY broke the 20 minute barrier! Officially, I ran 19:36.9! With that time I crossed the finish line as the first woman and placed 9th overall. :-)

My freshman season of cross country I made it to state with my team as well as individually. That year I made it onto the podium in the top 16 with a 10th place finish and PR of 20:14. My sophomore year, I was injured with a stress fracture in my foot and didn’t get the chance to improve upon my times. I’m going to be a junior this season and after missing a year, I’m hungry for competition and to see what I can do. That being said, and with the race going as it did, I’m getting pretty excited for August 20th to come around!

Now as to the race tomorrow? A group of my teammates and I did this race last year and are making it somewhat of a fourth of July tradition. Run From the Cops 8K. Because you know the reason why we all run is to get away from the police! It’s a totally flat, loop course and really not too exciting. Since I raced the other day, I’m going to consider this one a tempo run instead.  Of course once I’m at the starting line tomorrow morning … we’ll see. ;-)

To catch you up on the non-running-ness of my life, today I have my first interview/meeting for a volunteering position! Woohoo! My background check and paperwork has all gone through, so today they want to meet and show me around where I’ll be helping out at. Like a candy-striper at hospitals, I’ll be helping out around our local health and rehab center. Since I’m only a volunteer though, I’ll be spared the dirty jobs and most likely be running errands and entertaining the old elderly residents. Either way, I’m excited! Sure, I won’t be getting paid, but oh well … I’m hoping it will be a great experience. Not to mention that it looks good on college applications. ;-)

Wow. Okay, this ended up a longer post/re-cap than I meant it to be. Oops! I’ll make sure to update you all on how the race tomorrow goes, but until then have a great day! And have a wonderful Fourth of July tomorrow! :-)

Have you run a race or PR’d lately? Any fun plans for the Fourth?

Until next time,


Wanted to share my favorite quote of all time. It seemed appropriate for today.

” Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. “


10 thoughts on “Another one?!

  1. Congratulations on you new personal best! I’m like you – I have a hard time running in a 5k just for fun. I’m competitive and want to win! I haven’t been able to run in one for a while, so it’s been fun reading about yours! Sounds like you’re going to have a great season your Junior year!

    • Thank you! :-) Haha and yeah, it’s so easy to say “Oh, I’m not going to race this. It doesn’t matter.” then get carried away and start racing when the race starts. I hope you can get around to doing another race soon and not just have to hear about mine. Training is all good, but you have to race sometimes to try and win see where you’re at! ;-) Thanks again for your support!

  2. Wow that is awesome. I actually did the same thing last week, cross country 5k Saturday and then Road Race 5k on July 4th and went nearly the same times. Can you say twinnies much? I’m glad you found my blog and I can’t wait to keep reading yours!

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