Double-digit club!

Woohoo! I’m an official member of the double-digit club after finishing a grueling 10 miler yesterday. Not sure if the rules say anything about how many times you have to run double-digits to join the club, but oh well. After such a long, slow, and death-march like of a run … I’m counting myself in.

It was my first double-digit run since last August, and only the second one I’ve ever actually run! My first one was an 11 miler. Crazy, right? Kind of exciting too I suppose. That is, if you like submitting yourselves to more than an hour of running non-stop, winding your way from one side of town to the other, sweating at least a gallon in the mugginess of your so-called summer, and cursing yourself for getting 4 hours of sleep two days before. If you enjoy all, or any, of the above … Then you would’ve enjoyed my 10 mile run yesterday. Not quite saying that the whole run was bad, but honestly? I was tired and ready to be done at mile 6. That being said, the last four miles of hills and random turns to make sure I hit the 10 mile mark was hell. Or pretty close to it!

I’ve always told myself that someday I want to do a half marathon and at least one marathon. Pretty cliché goals since “run a marathon” is popping up on more and more people’s bucket list nowadays, but whatever. Road races are awesome and a marathon sounds like a rewarding experience. I’m mainly amazed by the training and dedication that goes into it, but people knowing that they have to be able to finish 26.2 miles on race day … I’m sure I’d work my butt off in training to make it alive (probably crawling) to the line as well. One of my friends has a smarter approach to the whole marathon dilemma. He says that he wants to run two marathons in his life and that’s it. One to qualify for Boston and the second being Boston itself. After that? No more marathons. Seeing that he’s someone who we recruited to running from football and has been addicted since then, I’d say his plan of two marathons will probably spiral out of control and he’ll end up in one of those running groups called “Marathon Maniacs.” We’ll see. :-)

Anyway, during the run as the miles stretched themselves out and never ended beeped by on my Garmin, it dawned on me just how crazy 10 miles is. Not to mention that people go twice as far on training runs and ultra-runners would consider upwards of 30 just a warm up run! So as I closed in on hitting the forsaken two digit run, I figured that this was the way to become a member of a club. Not just write your name down on a sheet and maybe show up to meetings, but (depending on the club of course! Focused on running for the main point of my writing here) to put in hard work as well as a good amount of sweat and possibly some tears along the way. That idea spread into a more overall picture. Running, and being considered a runner, is like a big club. A family, actually. There’s thousands of us out there who put in our daily miles, whether we’re breaking into double digits or not, and each of us has our own stories and crazy reasons for why we run. Some are spiritual about it while others started out just to lose weight and had it turn into a new lifestyle. Either way, we all can come together in races, at shoe stores, or even on these blogs and relate to eachother about running. For all you non-runners out there who may be a bit lost at what I’m talking about … Try running. Seriously. Maybe it was just the amount of time I was able to get to myself to think on my long run yesterday, or maybe just lack of sleep getting to me after a tiring day, but running is worth it. It’s a family and a club, all in one. Once a member, always a member. The double-digit club? Just another way to say, “here’s a runner that either wants to enjoy a big bowl of chocolate chip-peanut butter ice cream tonight or is just plain crazy.” Not everyone is in the double-digit club for those reasons, but I’m sure you can guess what motivation I had to finish the run. ;-)

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9 thoughts on “Double-digit club!

  1. First, congratulations on your accomplishment. 

    I tend to agree with your ‘big family’ comment as I sometimes gain inspiration simply from other runners out there sucking it up with me. I have never really understood or felt the ‘runners high’ I hear about, I simply believe I am a small cog in the giant wheel of what I refer to as ‘The Insane Ground Posse’…. 

    • Yeah, i tend to complain abiut running a lot with those suffering with me. Makes runs a little more fun and go by a bit faster! Haha i’ve only achieved the runners’ high on a few especially spectacular long runs, but i can’t help but agree with how you feel. “The Insane Ground Posse?” Haha that’s a new one, very creative! :-)
      Thsnk you for your support and dropping by!

  2. First, congrats on your second double digit run. I remember when a friend first suggester we run a 10 mile race together. I thought it would be a once in a lifetime thing. Ha!

    The running community is like a big family. They generally don’t care how fast or far you go – just that you go. I’ve been amazed by how much support I’ve received.

    Good luck and keep on running!

    • Oh my gosh! Haha a 10 mile race would be smoething! I don’t see one anytime soon for me though … never say never! ;-)

      I love the amount of support I have gotten through road races and on this blog! Runners are AWESOME! :-)

      Best of luck to you as well! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, it means a lot!

  3. congrats on the double digit run! you know, i LOVE your friends viewpoint on marathons. i think anyone can finish a marathon. if you think about it run walk run walk run walk. it might take you a while, but you’ll cross a finish line and say you ran a marathon. so many people say “just finish” as a goal for your first marathon. why not just train hard, set a goal & take chances?

    i set a sub 4 goal for my first marathon. gave myself a window of 3:45-4 hours. ended up crossing the line in 3:53:xx. Def not a BQ. but it made me feel AMAZING to know that with a little more hard work I wouldn’t be that far from it.

    with a 10 miler under your belt, you could probably run a 1/2 next weekend! ;) :) just saying! i think the furthest i ever ran was 11 before my first 1/2. mile 11 and 13 feel about the same!

    • Thank you! I agree with your mentality of taking a chance with your training. Doesn’t seem like enough people want to push themselves to really see what they can do instead of just completing the marathon to say they did it.

      Great job in your marathon and I am SO impressed by your determination in achieving your goal!

      As for running a half? Haha I don’t think I’ll be running one anytime soon, but I have definitley thought about it! :-P The closest thing to racing a half is maybe maxing out this summer at a 13 mile long run … we’ll see!

      Thank you again for your support and thoughts. Always fun to hear what other runners have gone through! Best of luck with your hip! You’ll get through it. :-)

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