Not-so-nice doggy.

Hi guys!

 I’m diggin’ this whole no-school, sleeping-in, don’t have to get dressed until 11 thing. I’d call it summer, but the weather is deciding to be lame and cloudy! Either way, I have so much extra time to nap and blog! It’s wonderful. By the way, isn’t this dog adorable?! Oh, man. I usually don’t like small or long-haired dogs, but it’s pretty hard to not let an “awww” escape when you see this picture. :-)

Anyway, the point I wanted to get across was about dogs … but not quite about how cute they are. More along the lines of mean, vicious, calf-attacking dogs. I left the house this morning to get in about 6 miles before running later this afternoon, but only ended up making it about 1.8 or so. Running the same roads I always do through town, I’ve never come across mean dogs. Sure, sometimes they bark as I run past, but for the most part I’ve never had a problem. After two years of running and even in the entirety of my 16 years, today was the first time I’ve been attacked by a dog.

Almost a mile into the run, it was about 7ish, I made my way up the road only to see three dogs start to run at me. Two of them kept running at me while the other turned off into some driveway, and neither had the look of wanting to play fetch or just say hi. I’m not sure what type of dogs they were or exactly what house they came from, but once they starting biting my calves and jumping on me, I knew they weren’t just being playful. Luckily, their owner called them off after I yelled for help and at the dogs to get off. They ran back and I was left in the middle of the road shaken up, and a little worse for wear.


Waving to the man saying that I was alright, I turned around and ran home. The bites didn’t hurt too much and I’m sure I could’ve gone on to finish my run, but I was a little freaked out. I told my mom what had happened, jumped in the shower, and got cleaned up, putting hydrogen peroxide on the open cuts in case of infection. My calves were the victim having been grazed, drawing a little bit of blood, as well as a puncture mark or two. Overall, not bad. The main thing? It just scared me. Plain and simple.

I’ve been around dogs my whole life, they’re just something I’ve grown up around. We used to have a yellow lab named Buddy who I once got nipped by, but that’s the extent of my being bitten. When I was younger I would try and put sunglasses on him or chase him around the yard with my Barbie car. Totally had it coming. As of now, we have a pit bull named Bear and Paco, our miniature pinscher. Even though Bear is a pit bull and people are always more cautious around him, he has never bitten anyone or even tried to nip them. The worst he’s done is probably bruised my leg after getting smacked by his tail since he wags so much! Pit bulls aren’t a bad breed, they are just raised to fight and that’s what everyone seems to think of when they see them. I’ve known other people with them as well and all of the ones I’ve met are sweethearts. Just extremely strong and muscular sweethearts! I’m not scared of dogs, I have no reason to. Even after this morning’s encounter, I’m still not scared of them. I understand that sometimes people don’t watch their dogs and things like this happen whether they were provoked or not. What can you do? It happens. I just need to be more prepared next time is all and be thankful that the owner was there to call them off.

Safety wise, I don’t carry anything with me on a run besides maybe my house key. I’ve thought about carrying mace before, but have never had any reason to. I live in a small town of about 3,500 and it’s pretty safe, well-lit, and there aren’t really any sketchy places in town. Not to mention that I run with my team or friends a lot of the time. The road the dogs were on is one that I’ve already run twice this week with no problem and have never seen the dogs out before. I’m alright now, the main thing I’m focused on is making up those 4 miles I missed. ;-) Hope you all have a good rest of your day! Happy Friday!

Do any of you carry pepper spray or mace on runs? Ever had any run-ins with dogs?

Until next time,


No matter what … I love my morning runs. 5 o’clock ones are the best though!


16 thoughts on “Not-so-nice doggy.

  1. Hey Gabby! I popped over here to check out your blog after seeing your “like” on my post. This is the first one I read, and I can totally relate. I have never actually been bitten by a dog on my runs, but I’ve had them madly run up to me and jump on my legs. THAT was enough to scare me from ever taking that route again. Such a shame too, because like you said in a different post, running the same route can be so BORING, and now I have one less route to choose from.
    And morning runs are definitely the best! I’ve tried the afternoon and evening ones and always find it harder. I’m excited when I’m able to get up at 5am and head out for a run – there’s no better time of day!
    I’ll be stopping by again soon! I love the quotes and all the excitement you have for running!
    Hope your leg feels better soon! :)

    • Of course, your post was neat! :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      I’ve decided to stay away from that certain route for awhile, maybe I’ll venture back sometime once I know the dogs are gone. Just have to put up with running the same roads over and over again until then, dang.
      Evening runs are hard for me, too! Morning runs leave me tired for the rest of the day, but a bit more relaxed and totally accomplished feeling! :-)
      My legs are feeling better, just a bit sore. Thank you again for dropping by!

  2. You run twice a day?!?

    Sounds scary about those dogs! I am glad you are alright, I had a similar encounter when I was living with my parents, only I had to climb a fence to get away from the dogs. It was out in the country so the driveways are quite long. Doubt the owners even new where they were.. Anyway, I am glad you are ok and awed that you run at 5am and then later in the afternoon. I like running in the morning. I feel it gives me permission to lounge around all day hehe. Perhaps I need to pick up my game though eh? Hope your legs heal pretty quickly.

    • Haha i only run twice a day two days out of the week, no biggie. I get bored doing kong mileage everyday so it’s nice to split it up!

      Thank you for your concern, my legs are still sore and starting to bruise, but other than that I’m fine. Scary that you ran into some dogs, but glad you got away. Climbing a fence would definitely be an experience! That’s the problem sometimes though, people don’t keep an eye on their dogs.

      In between my runs in the morning and again in the afternoon, i take a nap. That’s my secret, shhhh. ;-) Haha i think it’s great that you can run in the morning, sometimes i just can’t drag myself out of bed to get up and run so i wait until later in the day. Thank you again for your concern! :-)

  3. that IS pretty scary! glad you are okay! i’ve seen a few loose dogs when we go up to the mountains from time to time to run. i’ve actually seen foxes && coyotes too, but they don’t really want too much to do with anybody else!

    i don’t run with anything for safety wise. (which is horrible)

    have a great weekend!

    • Thank you! I’ve never had a problem with dogs in town, but will see them a bit farther out. Wow! Never seen coyotes or foxes though. Once i saw a cougar, but other than that stick to seeing rabbits and birds.

      I don’t know anyone who carries anything on them eith runs, so i just figured i would ask.

      Have an awesome monday and hope you had a great weekend as well! :-)

  4. Hey oh no hope you’re ok. I keep having a run in with one dog that runs into my path and it gently bit my hand. the owner is oblivious and doesnt even try to call it back. It’s almost tripped me over about 3 times now. I just try to keep running and not pay any attention to it and it seems to leave me a lone a bit more. Keep on running!

    • I’ve never seen those dogs before, so just caught me off guard! Glad you’re okay, but hopefully the dog will learn to leave you alone. Seems owners don’t mind thst their dogs are off doing whatever they like, wish they would keep an eye on them better!

      Thank for your your concern and best of luck wth your runnning! :-)

  5. I don’t know when you changed the layout of your site (so I apologize if it’s had a new design and I am just now noticing), but it is really nice. Also, and this is just the overprotective mom in me, but promise me you won’t write again about how you run unprotected. I realize the town you are from is small and safe, but you are posting your thoughts on the Internet and I just don’t like you sharing your workout regimen with everyone. And, most importantly, I want you to know I respect you for the running discipline you have day in and day out. Inspiring!

  6. Oh goodness! That’s horrible – and as much as dogs are unpredictable, it shouldn’t happen. The owner SHOULD know if their dog is likely to do anything like that, and if there’s even a small chance that they will, they should be on a lead. Nobody should have to deal with dog bites when they’re innocently out for a run!

    I’m glad you’re ok though, and don’t let it make you nervous for running. Poor lady!

  7. I’ve never actually been attacked by a dog on a run, but I’ve been scared by one! It was behind a fence and I ran by and it jumped up and probably would have bitten my hair or ear if I had been any closer. I haven’t run by that house since and now when I see dogs I do get a little freaked out, as much as I love them! Glad to hear that you’re okay though!!

    • Oh my gosh! That sounds just as scary as being bitten! Agreed with staying away from the house that the dogs came from, I’ve just changed my route a bit. Still love dogs an all, just more wary. Thank you for your concern!

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