Mooooove on over 2%.

What do you get if you cross a cow with a spaniel, a poodle, and a rooster?

A cockerpoodlemoo!

Okay, that was bad. It got your attention though, right? Not to mention the punny title. ;-) 

 Anyway, the point to all of these udder-ly funny jokes was to take a break from talking about running (even if this is a running blog … oops!), to tell you guys a little bit about my family … We’re afraid of cows. Not that I’m afraid of them per say in that I think they’re going to attack me, but they’re scary as in producing milk and being allergic to dairy. It may not be an allergy that I have, but my mom recently found out that she’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and egg-free. Think about it … She can’t have bread, cheese, butter, milk, or anything fattening sweet since chocolate is off-limits too. Ugh, it sounds like torture. Oh, and she can’t have beef either! One more reason our family is staying away from cows. Now with all these limits to my mom’s diet has come a change for my dad and I. There is no way that I would give up all of those things just because my mom has to, but we’ve reached some sort of compromise. My dad and I still eat all the wheat and egg products that my mom can’t have, but don’t drink milk. Normal milk that is.

Our fridge is stocked with coconut milk, soy milk, and we’ve even tried almond milk. Coconut and soy milk are good, but almond? Sorry, I don’t like the taste of plastic as I pour it from it’s plastic container and go to eat my now plastic tasting cereal. No bueno. Our pantry now has a shelf specifically for my mom’s food, too. Rice crackers, egg replacement for baking (which makes everything super crumbly since it doesn’t bind like normal eggs! Ugh.), quinoa, amaranth, and even what I call  “special cookies.” They don’t have a secret illegal ingredient, but are made up of different ingredients that are on my mom’s “good” list.

Personally? I don’t have any food allergies, and even if I did? As long as it’s not a peanut butter, fruit, or wheat allergy … I think I’d survive! Out of all the mom’s new snacks and constant label checking, I’ve come across one in particular that I loooooove. They’re gluten-free, yet still contain eggs so my mom is tied up there, but there’s nothing stopping me! So supportive, I know. Their combination of fruit flavor in a non-granola granola bar is one of my favorites out there. Best. Creation. Ever. Scratch that … PB Craze is probably the best creation ever. It’s a close call though. What I’m talking about, is Soyjoy bars. 140 calories of heaven on Earth. :-) Even if my mom says they look like mini dog turds … Nevermind her, that’s just jealousy talking.


 Maybe there are people out there who go on super healthy-weight-loss-supreme-no-dairy-no-gluten-no-egg diets, I’m not sure. All I know is that after seeing what’s my mom has gone through with how few things she can eat and how selective she’s been? definitely not worth it. At all. Personal opinion, I guess. It’s still a better way to live than being allergic to certain foods and having stomach problems (or worse!) all the time. Guess I got lucky. I’m a teenager so the fact that I’m pretty much a vacuum when it comes to food goes without saying. Then again I’m a runner, too. I may not be dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, or beef-free, but moooooooove on over 2%, this family has made the switch to I am milk … I mean soy. ;-)



Until next time,



Can’t end the blog without a quote!  Running is tough, and I’m sure some of you know that better than I do myself, but we can all agree and say they’re right. Running is hard. It all pays off in the end though. Where the end is at? It’s different for all of us. Best of luck to you all in your training! Whether it be running, biking, swimming, weight-lifting, yoga, or whatever you do. :-) I needed this quote more than I just needed to share it. Only Tuesday, but it’s been a long day and some tough runs coming up this week. All these miles will be worth it in the end … right? 


6 thoughts on “Mooooove on over 2%.

  1. Running IS tough! Especially in the rain and cold. How do keep going during those times? I figure you’re somewhat of an expert as you have said it rarely doesn’t rain. As always, enjoy reading your posts.
    P.s. I am allergic to dairy and vegetarian. My favourite foods are cheese (which sucks) and peanut butter. If I consume too much of the latter I break out in a rash. Food allergies can be the worst. Though hers are much worse than me, please pass on my sympathies to your mum.

    • If I’m really lacking motivation, I’ll run with my friends. Then we can complain about how horrible the weather is or how tired we are … together! Haha if I have to run in the rain alone, I just suck it up and try and remmeber that as I soon as I start running it will get better. That, or I try and wear a hat/jacket and if it’s cold I’ll wear a long sleeve or leggings! Plus, you always feel pretty cool once you’re done realizing that you were out in the weather while everyone else sat around inside, haha.
      Thank you for your support! :-)
      I’m sorry you are allergic! That must be a bummer, but don’t let it get you down. There are so many options out there nowadays! I’ll let my mom know. :-)

  2. Gabby, just have to chime in here. Ever think it’s weird that humans drink another species’ milk? I’ve always wondered about that. I don’t want to bore you with a lot of inane details but I’ve come to understand this: milk from a cow is bad for humans. The protein in cow’s milk is linked to cancer. (I can tell you more if you are interested). Read a book called The China Study by T Colin Campbell ( and you will understand. I have tried Soy and Rice milk and would drink them over cow’s milk any day. You just have to accept they won’t taste like cow’s milk. And, I have settled on almond milk as my main “milk” drink. I know it’s not the same as regular milk. I have come to enjoy the taste, especially really cold, as a replacement for skim cow’s milk It just takes some adjusting. And I have other health-related reasons for not ever drinking cow’s milk again.

    Just a thought.

    • Hmmm, I do think about that sometimes and I’ll agree, it is kind of weird. I never knew that about cow’s milk, actually! Makes me appreciate soy milk a little more now, haha. I haven’t tried rice milk yet, but might have to talk my mom into trying it as well. Maybe I’ll give almond milk another chance too. My first experience wasn’t the best, but there are different brands and flavors out there that I’m sure taste better than what I tried. Even if they’re the same, I suppose it’s just an acquired taste. Thanks so much for your comment!

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