Hello! School is almost out for the summer, I have a good start to my summer training, and I’m as ready as ever to get back to blogging regularly! In honor of doing so, I updated the site a bit. Check it out! Tell your friends! Follow me! Comment and let me know what you think! Thank you. :-) Now to fill you in on some past weekend excitement …

 “The trouble with jogging is that by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back.”

Franklin Jones is only too right. Try going on a farther run than usual and you better have some escape route just in case you don’t make it. Just don’t do a long run alone in the woods or backgrounds out-of-town unless you know you can make it … or run faster than whatever is chasing you! ;-) On Saturday, I went for a long run. Not just a normal long run, but one farther than I’ve gone in a long time. I didn’t go into the double digits (I’m saving that for later this summer!), but I ran 9 miles on what I call the TJ Loop. It’s not named after anyone, but on a map it kinda of looks like a big J (I added the T in just because!). A little muggy, about 60 degrees, a bit windy. Overall? Not bad. How did I feel? Not bad. Or so I thought until the mile split on my watch beeped … 

To give you a little background (and for all you techy runners out there who are as obsessed with their watches as I am!), I have a Garmin FR60. It doesn’t have a GPS, but I have a foot pod that I’ve never calibrated, so I at least know how far and how fast I’m going. I go through phases of using my watch a TON sometimes, and others where it just sits in my room collecting dust and killing the battery. I wear my watch a lot just to know what time it is. Silly, right? When I first started running, my coach stressed how important it is to listen to your body. If I’m feeling bad, I usually won’t wear my watch. I can tell I’m going slow without having to hear the mocking beep of mile splits as I trudge on to finish the run. ;-)

The goal was to have a LSD day. No, I don’t mean that I was going to go out and do drugs, but the LSD that’s legal. Long Slow Distance. The goal was a 9 milerand armed with my watch, I headed out the door with one goal: finish. This was going to be my first run over 8 miles in about 6 months. The first few miles went alright and breezed by. The loop is mostly flat and pretty boring to do alone, but after an easy run the day before, I felt pretty good. I don’t like to brag all that often, but honestly? I was running awesome! Seriously. My splits were in the low 7-minutes mile area and each was a few seconds faster. I hit a little bit of a wall (and a few hills) around mile 7, but knowing I was close to finishing and excited to see the final average pace for my run, I ran the last 200m of the run like no other!

 Sure, the run was supposed to be slow and 7:11 is by no means a slow pace (at least for me!), but man oh man! I’ll take a run that like that any day. Forget about the muggy weather that made me lose 5 gallons of sweat, the fact that my legs felt like lead afterwards, and how horribly boring it was … and sign me up! I’m not obsessed enough with my pace to check the entirety of the run once my Garmin synched to the computer, but am happy enough to stick with the average pace they gave me. Mmmm, 7:11. Maybe it was only a one-time pace, but maybe not. For such a good run early into summer training, I’m hoping I will only be faster for cross country. Big goals this year and a lot to make-up for after missing this year’s season because of my injury. I don’t know what anyone elses’ secret to training is this summer, but I call mine LFD runs. Not the original Long Slow Distance days, but Long Fast Distance. They don’t happen every week like some people may do with their LSD runs, nor will they always be the TJ loop or on Saturdays … that’s where LFD runs become part of my training secret. Can’t give away everything, now can I? Might have some competition. ;-)

Until next time,



P.S: I thought this was inspiring and somewhat relevant. Not to mention  that I absolutely love quotes. :-)


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