Since track ended I’ve lost a lot of motivation. Taking about a week off of running is more tiring and draining than I thought! so much for using my extra time to catch up on my blog. Oops! :-) I’m back now so that means I owe you all an update for the past 3 weeks.

  • Last thing I wrote about was going to compete at districts and well … I made it to state! I was able to defend my district title in the 3200m and made it in that event, but got my butt kicked in the 1600m and 800m to finish 6th in both. One of my other team mates made it in both of his events and also won a district title! He advanced to state in the 1600m and the 800m. At state I ran a tough race, but was out-kicked and ran 9th … again. One place off the podium … again. My friend who made it in both his events ended up making it on the podium for both races along with a PR in his 800m! He is awesome. :-) We had a total group of 6 athletes make it to state from our school and while I didn’t compete the best, it was a great experience and I had a blast!
  • With track season over, my coach advised to take about a week off from running to fully recover before moving onto summer training. So, in celebration of a hard season, I went o the store and bought myself the reward of Ben and Jerrys! Nothing is better that 1,300 calories of peanut butter ices cream swirled with peanut butter and marshmallow and caramel clusters. Probably gained like 2 lbs. from eating it, but it was totally worth it! It looks like a mini heaven on Earth, right?
  • I can’t stand taking total do-nothing rest days if I can help it so two of the days that I didn’t run on, I did some cross-training. In track we do weight-lifting circuits, but seeing as I was on my own and could go through the stations faster … I did 2 circuits.  My legs, hips, butt, abs, back, shoulders, arms, and everything was sore the next day. No bueno. Two days after this horrible circuit idea, I instead just did two short workouts involving multiple kinds of push-ups, squats, and balance exercises. As much as I wanted to run … I found the cross-training to be quite enough exercise. ;-)
  • I’ve gone to the Prefontaine Classic for the past 2 years and this year was no different! Instead of leaving Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, we left Friday instead. Once in Eugene we explored Pre’s Trail. By exploring I mean that even though there were maps along the trail, we still go lost and added a half mile to the run. That extra half mile killed after taking so many days off! Talk about huffing and puffing … Phew! Back to phase 1. At Hollister Night we watched the Kenyans run their 10K Olympic Trials along with record being broken in the Women’s

    Kenyans getting rady for their Olympic Trials!

    800m, 10K, 1,500m, and discus. We also watched the Men’s international mile,10K, and triple jump. the next morning at thePrefontaine Classic, I saw some of my favorites and watched again as field and meet record fell. Not to mention Lui Xiang in the 100m hurdles tieing the world record. Near the end of the meet our group made it down to where the athletes were exiting and were able to get autographs and see them up close. It was neat to see some of my favorites walk right by after their races. Some of my favorite athletes that happened to be at the meet were Galen Rupp, Bernard Lagat, Anna Pierce, Nick Symmonds, Mo Farah, and Silas Kiplagat. It was an amazing meet to watch and I got to spend a great weekend with some of my favorite people. Too cool. :-)

Nick Symmonds … up close!

  • School, singing, homework, more school, and a few more songs to sing. Other than taking a break from running that’s all I’ve been doing. I have less than a week of school left and everything in coming to a stressful close with 3 or 4 finals all this past week! Ah!

So I haven’t won the lottery and moved to Italy to become married to some famous cyclist in the past few weeks that I”ve abandoned my blog, but hey! Finishing the track season, taking a break from running to gain a few pounds recover, and winding down the school year isn’t too shabby, right? Oh yeah … I got my license too! See? I’ve only moved up in the world since I left. ;-) I hope all of you have had a wonderful week and are enjoying running, eating, work, school, and life in general. As for me? Time for summer training! The best time of the year. :-)

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Re-cap!

  1. Hai!! Glad you made it to states. I have a running related question not necessarily related to this particular post ;) Have you ever/know anyone who has ever experienced foot cramps so bad during running they need to stop? I have been running/jogging for several years and am only just now experiencing excruciating foot cramps. I looked it up and apparently fatigue and or dehydration can cause cramps, but neither of these things are a problem. Do you have any ideas, tips, preventative advice or knowing of anything that has worked for you/others? Thanks for your help. Always enjoy reading your blogs!! :D

    • Haha thank you! As to your question … No, I don’t know much about foot cramps, sorry. Hearing about yours, I would suggest stretching out your feet before and after runs. Maybe rolling them over a tennis ball or even just walking barefoot sometimes to re-sensitize your feet. Just something to try. If it gets worse or the pain continues, I would advise seeing a foot doctor just to make sure it isn’t anything too serious. Hope your feet feel better and thank you for all the support! :-)

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