Remember a few months back when I mentioned how Ithe track season had started? Well, it’s almost over. Sorry I’ve been such a horrible blogger … I probably should’ve kept you guys updated about my meets and such. Oops! Either way, tomorrow we have our District meet. In each event you have to place in the top 4 to go on to the state meet which is next weekend. At Sub-districts last Friday, I was able to move onto Districts in all three of my events. That means that tomorrow I’m going to “triple.” For you less track-term inclined, that means I’m going to run the 3200m, 1600m, and 800m. In simpler terms, the 2 mile, 1 mile, and half-mile.  The three combine to make a long day and tired Gabby.

With so many races to run and the excitement of the season coming to an end, I should be more excited sounding, right? I should want to race tomorrow? That’s where I’m confused and the questions start to pile up. Of course they’re all ones that I don’t know the answer to …  Tomorrow is the most important meet all season, but why am I not freaked out? Why am I not excited, nervous, stressed, or even thinking about the meet? Is it because I just don’t care anymore? Do I not want to compete and try to secure another district title? How will I feel tomorrow when I line up at the starting line and the gun goes off? What can I eat that won’t hurt my stomach? Will my sinuses be really bad like they’ve been the past few days? Will my legs be tired still? Will it be windy at the meet and will I be able to fight it to run a good time? Do I even care what time I run? Who is my main competition and how are they feeling? Will it be really hot so that I get dehydrated quickly and need to drink more water during the day? Will I be able to run even splits and PR? Will I run my worst times this season like what happened last week?


So many questions and not enough answers. I’m going into tomorrow however I feel. No certain goals except to defend my district title. Hopefully, that is. I haven’t thought about the meet days ahead of time and planned out my splits and time goals like usual. I figured that with so many questions, it’s something you just have to let happen and go along for the ride. It’s been a long few months full of busy schedules, little sleep, and tough workouts and yet I know that no matter how much I try an better myself, that all my hours of training and hard work come down to tomorrow’s races. My only other question is, will I be ready? Wish me luck.


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  1. I’m way behind on reading posts. There was probably a reason you weren’t thinking about everything that you normally do. Sometimes our minds need rest much like our bodies do. That doesn’t mean you aren’t pushing yourself enough. You are simply recognizing that you can’t do everything all the time. I hope your running went well.

    • Hmm, good reasoning. I apologize for not getting to you sooner by the way! My running went alright, and my mind (and body!) were happy for a few day long break from running. No serious racing for this girl for awhile. :-)

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