Snapshot of my future: part 1.

Do you ever wonder what your future is going to be like? What job you’re going to have, how many kids, or where you’re going to live? I do sometimes, but my grandpa sure does. And not his own future, or what he wished he had done earlier in life, but planning out my life. Instead of my plans to make it into my dream college (Brown University), go to Medical School, and later become a criminal psychiatrist, my grandpa came up with a plan that somewhat follows my original plan and yet adds in some exciting events. Sitting around enjoying the beautiful afternoon we came up with this plan which ended up turning into a short story. My grandpa’s encouraging, supportive, and carefully thought-out life plan for his youngest granddaughter? Yeah, not quite as supportive and encouraging as you might think. Instead if writing out the whole story, I’ll be splitting it into pieces. Now lets fast forward to a time a few years from now as my life unfolds according to my family’s creative minds. Enjoy.
*Disclaimer: All of this is completely made up and totally fictional. Just a funny short story!

My mom and I once talked of my friends in highschool being “blinded by love.” I never understood what this really meant until my junior year of college. I was minding my own and finishing up a lab when there was a commotion in the back of the room. People around me were laughing as they pointed and made faces at what was going on behind me. I finished what I was writing and turned around on my stool only to find a bunch of guys at the back lab table analyzing their nose hairs beneath microscopes. How mature, right? College boys. They’re no better than highschoolers. Class came to an end and the guys from the back of the class left in a group, still laughing about their nasal discoveries. Little did I know that one of them would end up being my future husband/dependent … More to come. :-)

Until next time,


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